Trading Spouses 11/02

The baby jesus probably wanted her to have it.

Last night was my first episode, too. I was so sucked in to that trainwreck! I’ll be watching next week, for sure. I have to admit the whole reason I’m watching is to reassure myself that on the crazy scale, I don’t hold a candle to that woman. She needs to be heavily medicated at the very least. Judging by the previews for next week, I’m expecting some kind of demon to emerge from her body hunt down all the heathens. Now that would besome good tv.

Question: How long are the two moms supposed to do this? I’m not clear on the rules of the game.

They’re there for only one week, but it’s shown over two weeks. What happens is that each of them is told when they arrive that they’ll be deciding how the other one must spend the money. So ostensibly, the idea is that they should be observant and try to see what the other family needs. But of course, their prejudices color their judgment and thus the big reveal at the end of the second episode is (supposed to be) full of surprises. It’s usually hyped pretty big in the previews, but the actual event is typically pretty standard fare. I think last night was a rerun.

She was too much of a sneering bitch to care about that. All she wanted to do was tear this woman down and assert her place in the pecking order. She gave no indication of actually wanting to have a conversation.

From what little I saw of the kids, it seemed like the christian woman’s kids were pretty nice and the hypnotherapist woman’s kids were generally snotty and dismissive.

Loved this episode. I couldn’t believe what shrews the friends of the Christian were.

I don’ t know if it was your intention, but this absolutely cracks me up.

I’ll be watching next week, too (barring life getting in the way). I’m not a big believer in the astrology/hypnotherapy/mandala mentality, but I certainly don’t begrudge those who are.

What really baffles me about Crazy Pseudo-Religious Harridan (as well as others of her ilk) is that if her faith serves her so well, why is she so paranoid about shit? Doesn’t she think God will protect her? Has she ever thought about this?

(Yeah, I know…NO.)

I loved this, too. It sure storms conveniently in Boston.

Omega Glory: Not maliciously calling you into question at all, but do you have a source for the “ripping up the letter from the U.U. woman that tells her how she must spend the $50,000”? I’ve seen that part in the previews, where she’s ripping something up and screaming about “the Lord” (who must be plugging His ears about now), but it wasn’t made clear what she was destroying (I wouldn’t be surprised if you are right, mind you; I just hadn’t seen it made clear).

Slick programming move by FOX.
Air Part 1 of 2 opposite a rerun of the ever popular LOST to get everyone hooked.

Then have your firery Part 2 of 2 go up against an all new episode of LOST.

Sorry, but i’ll have to opt for LOST.

What was odd to me was that the behavior of the Christian mom really reminded me of someone suffering DTs or heroine withdrawal. I mean right down to the dry heaves. And after they brought the psychic guy onto the radio show and she left and was going on about how she needed to get to a church and pray and how this was a god test and so forth, I swear that it was just like junkies that I have encountered begging for a fix. Say what you will, but I just can’t see that as healthy.

The New Age Woo Woo mom, on the other hand, was a mousy little doormat. While the Holy Roller mom’s friends were smirking and obnoxious bitches, I was equally annoyed at the way that the New Age mom was just standing there like a rabbit caught in headlights taking it. Screw that! She should have called them on how rude they were being.

All said, while I have been aware of this show I have never really watched it. I must admit that the previews drew in the baser side of me and given the delicious train wreck that followed, that side was not disappointed.

Last night on Access Hollywood or Extra… or …well one of those infotainment shows that are on back to back and repeat the same stories… They had crazy christian lady on… They flew her to LA and gave her a make over. It looks like part of it was hamming it up for the camera and her claim was that she “sufferered through Katrina” and just sort of lost it for awhile. The make up and hair people and the hosts all kept going on about how she is actually a really sweet person.

This was kind of weird that they would air this BEFORE even part one of Trading Spouses aired.

Woah, wait. This isn’t over?! I HAVE TO WATCH THAT COMMERCIAL FOR ANOTHER WEEK?!?! I can’t take it.

Yes DW, I am easily amused and have horrible taste in television programmes.

No it hasn’t been made clear. Just a WAG on my part based on her saying something like “I don’t want this” or something while ripping it apart. Unless the other lady left them a separate letter or something.

Epilepsy. IIRC They’re called auras and generally occur right before a seizure. I believe auras are often linked to migraines as well. Historical pathologists have theorized that Joan of Arc actually suffered from a variety of epilepsy. Her visions were accompanied by a bright light on the right side of her vision, and the holy voices would also come from the right side. One of her jailers noted that Joan would often vomit after a vision. It could be that this woman has a condition not severe enough to prevent her from living her life, and that the culture she was raised in reinforces the idea that she’s precieving angels and devils rather than labelling her as deluded.

Then again, it could be that the house really does stink and the boys have just gotten used to it.


DrF: Me, too. I mourned the day Jerry Springer was no longer broadcast locally. Your post reminded me of the Seinfeld episode where Kramer got his portrait painted. The hoity-toity art lovers were going on in this vein: “He embodies everything loathsome about humanity.” “He’s disgusting.” “I agree.” “I love it.” “Me, too.” :smiley:

I didn’t get as much of a negative vibe from the Boston kids as other people. Mostly, it was like an “Is she for real?” kind of thing. Granted, hallucinating odors can be a sign of serious mental dysfunction, but I wouldn’t expect kids to know that. The woman’s obviously (at least to me) a nutbar. I’d be hard-pressed not to laugh at her, too.

Omega Glory: WAG noted, and you’re very probably right. I’m looking forward to next week.

I’m personally guessing that the Jesus Lady’s house stinks worse than the Pagan House.

I still want to marry Brooke, if only to rescue her from her harpy of a mother. Plus, she’s rather cute in a ‘gangly 14 year old girl with braces’ kind of way. Her dad and her sister/neice I can overlook (adults who could leave if they wished), but Brooke’s situation breaks my heart. That is not a healthy environment for her, and she can’t do anything about it.

Damn, I’m getting old.