Trading Spouses 11/02

Holy shit.

Am I alone in thinking that woman was having full-fledged hallucinations? For those that weren’t watching, the show focused on a very fundamentalist Christian woman switching places with a Unitarian Universalist. The UU woman’s husband was what could be best described as a Neo-pagan. Hillarity did in fact ensue.

Back to fundie woman, however. She claims that her and God have conversations. Now when she said this, I didn’t get the feeling that “God spoke to her heart” as most Christians would claim. I get the feeling that she was audibly hearing “God” and he was telling her that unless she screams his name 7 times in a row, she will be struck down with a lightning bolt. There was also a scene where she seemed to believe that their dryer was possessed, and that the house was full of some vile stink which made her throw up. When the children went inside to see what stunk so bad, they smelled nothing. This was part one. Part two will be shown next week.

Do they usually have part ones and twos for this series? Was a good show (first time watcher).

Yeah she really went off the deep end. I really can’t figure out her brand of religion that seems so unstable that she’s thinks she’s in mortal danger just chatting with a non-believer (like the psychic guy). I think it’s pretty obvious that she’s a little unstable, has an active imagination, and stays up late watching horror movies a little too often (although those gargoyles are a little scary). :eek:

Her friends were sickening. Even the Church Lady on SNL was more polite to her heathen guests. So do ya go to church? Mmm hmm. (purse-lipped smile). I would have given anything for one of the other harpies there to step in and chastize that awful cross-examination ('cuse the pun).

I doubt the woman or any of her friends run in to people who aren’t exactly like them too often. She couldn’t cope with anything out of her little view of the world at all. Sad really, but yeah, I’ll be watching next week. :smiley:

No clue, I was a first time watcher as well. My girlfriend saw a clip of the show that was floating around on the internet (damn viral marketing.) Then we happend to see the “Coming up next…” while watching That 70’s Show, and just had to watch.

That is me, right now.

The smell part just came on and she is one creepy lady.

I thought just about everybody in the entire episode was a little creepy minus all the kids who lost the normal parent lottery. That includes the weirdos dancing around the fire, and the hardcore Christian houseguests.

Makes for good TV though!

What pissed me off about this episode, was that they were showing her “meltdown” for the last couple of weeks as a promo for tonight’s episode, but it won’t actually happen until next week.

I made a point of watching this just to see Crazy Pseudo-Religious Harridan (or CPRH) go into Exorcist mode, and she didn’t scream at anybody. I felt cheated.

If the Devil is real and lives inside anybody, it’s in her. Scary woman.

I also wanted to marry her younger daughter (Brooke) and take her away and give her a normal life…but then, I’m 40, so it wouldn’t be that normal. Still, the “formerly teenage knight in shining armor” syndrome was very active this evening.

What a lunatic (the mother, not me nor Brooke, who was rather cute, I thought).

The show is always done in two parts. I just wonder why the ultra religious lady signed up for the show. She had to know that they were going to pair her up with non-Christians. If she really thinks talking to “heathens” puts her soul in danger then why do it? She can’t think her soul is worth less than 50k. The preview for next week shows her ripping up the letter from the U.U. woman that tells her how she must spend the $50,000. I wonder if that means she forfeits the money?

I didn’t see it (saw the previews) but I can’t help but wonder if it isn’t all a big whoosh. I mean, if she conducts herself in real life like that, wouldn’t someone have come in by now and removed those kids from an obviously dangerous environment or at least put mom in a rubber room? I have a difficult time buying the whole thing.

This show disgusts me. It is a sad freakshow, with some bear baiting thrown in. They set up the contestants with a family that is sure to cause conflict and neither side learns anything from the experience.

I watch it fairly often.

Now, the Crazy Lady bothered me a lot. She has that dangerous faith that leads to witch-burnings. Did you notice that she does not believe a person can have an idea of their own? Everything that is not put into her head by Jesus is from the Devil. Although I felt the UU family did a disservice to their chidren by not teachig them where they borrowed their symbolism from. (Mandalas, if I am not mistaken, are from Tibetian Buddhism, as are the Prayer Flags. If the daughter could have told Crazy Lady that the pictures were from Tibet she may not have felt they were from the depths of Hell.) (I like the concept of Prayer Flags and think the flapping in the wind of prayers is probably more pleasing to the Almighty than the constant invocation of His name.)

An off-balanced piece of machinery is not a sign of Satan. Aren’t phantom scents a sign of a stroke?

The Wife feels that he hypnotherapist is a bit of a squishy phoney. What is the designated authority that qualifies an applicant to be a Doctor of Hypnotherapy, and how could you get a Doctorate in something that you do not have a Masters in?

Christian is something you live, not something you scream. Jesus Himself sat and talked with folks who were misguided in the expression of their faith; any follower of Him worth breaking bread with should be willing to do the same. Preaching Hellfire and Damnation will not convince a feel-good fuzzy-thinker that humankind has evolved past worshipping the Moon and trees.

(Wow. That show seems to have really struck a nerve with me. Good thing I got some sleep before commenting on it…)

My first episode too. What really got me was that the kids laughed at the Crazy woman when she was retching and smelling phantom stenches. I mean, that’s crazy. But it’s crazy in the “she’s having a stroke” way, rather than “she’s oddly intolerant”. They should ahve been a bit more concerned, even as youngsters.

The hippies seemed a little flakey, and I’m no fan of astrology or dowsing or any of that crap, but otherwise seemed good people. Nothing wrong with a family solstice party. Even crazy woman’s family seemed decent, although they pick on Brooke and Dad seemed to have some self-esteem issues.

In “real life” she never has to contact people who don’t belong to her church. She has that fragile faith that cannot accept that there may be good people who do not sit in the same building as you on Sunday morning.

(To add to my previous rant. A pentagram points downward; if it is pointing up it is a star like those on the American flag. Stupid woman, but it was sad to see her head explode.)

Not that I’m familiar with hypnotherapy, or even a believer in it, but many PhD programs will accept students with only a Bachelors.

For example, I’m currently in a PhD program for Biomedical Sciences, and I currently only have a BA. While I have the option of leaving with a Masters at some point, that isn’t the expected outcome, most students will simply take their Doctorate. This is in line with the other programs I looked at when I was applying to grad schools.

Actually, many pentacles are point up. The difference is usally the circle around the star. Given the general Pagany vibe of the family, I don’t think that assumption was out of line. Not, as the daughter said, that there’s anything wrong with witchcraft.

Sorry for the terminology blunder. I don’t always remember things I learned during the Seventies as well as I should, especially if those things are mostly irrelevant to my life.

But how would she get on the show to begin with? Was her purpose in partaking merely to save a family? She had to talk to someone to get on the show.

She probably just wanted the money.

Hoo boy, if ever two families deserved each other it was these two. They were both so full of their own brand of hokum that it was damned entertaining to watch the collision.

That woman that was the friend of the fat woman, all I can say is WOW! You could actually see her mind close as soon as the dippy new-age gal brought up astrology. And then the bombardment of snotty questions, I kept waiting for the attempted conversion but it never came. Instead she just wore a smug smile that, to me, said “I will enjoy watching you writhe in hellish torment while I snuggle up with the Lord in our big feathery-soft heaven”

I loved the editing on this show too. Show crazy Christian lady, cue ominous music, quick shots of a gargoyle, crazy woman, another gargoyle, the star, crazy woman, gargoyle, the star, crazy woman, scary storm clouds…

Here are a couple of sites explaining the symbolism behind the pentagram, and it’s inverted state.

Shows like this and the other one (Wife Swap) always kind of upset me. I can’t imagine why any sane parent would put some stranger in a position of authority over their kids, especially one who was specifically chosen to hold values that conflict with their own.

But my fiancee likes them, so I watch anyway.

What I took from this episode (I only caught part of it) was this: Mainstream members of fringe religions are a hell of a lot less scary than fringe members of mainstream religions. Which didn’t really surprise me much.