What is happening to this woman in this video?


Things start out wacky with all the religious bullshit, but then after about 1.30 things go insane. What’s with the vibrating? Is she mentally ill, having an orgasm, or what?

Same reason you and I might get weepy giving a eulogy. This woman is giving a fire and brimstone prayer to a secular Uni, she’s doing the lords work, good sir! Yeah, so, in review - nerves + emotion + holy spirit = kookiness.

No, no… I recognize this. Saturday night my neighbor asked me to stop by for a glass of wine while we watched the thunderstorms roll in from the West. Well, one glass led to another then we started into the bourbon. The next thing I knew, I was praying for my life and all those other people out there that never knew “him”. I was shaking and bent over etc. that’s what this is.

Here is what the secular humanists have to say about it. (Down at the bottom.)

I think that she is extremely emotional.

So she’s drunk?

“iloveJesus420”? What the hell kind of username is that?

“I want a user name that conveys my religious fervor, but also suggests that I might be amenable to torching one.”

“I love roasting a bone, do-yeah hear me, and if roasting a bone is wrooong, I don’t wanna be right!”

She was vibrating with the power of THE LORD!

I do NOT want to have what she’s having.

Loved the “Okay, we’ve HAD the benediction (and BTW call an ambulance, thx). Now could we get the recessional going?”

Or “Bong Hits 4 Jesus”?

I used to be a Pentecostal in my early teens, and this is really just typical of the charismatic crowd from my experience. Charismatics are particularly interested Biblically in the day of Pentecost in which God sent his Holy Spirit down to fill the people and they began to speak in other tongues.

I’m pretty sure she was whispering in tongues there. From the charismatic point of view, she was filled with the Holy Spirit and so overwhelmed by the power of God that she started shaking all over the place and probably lost consciousness.

This has happened to me. It was a regular occurrence at the church I attended. Once you let the Holy Spirit in, you pretty much lose control of your body. The most memorable time I started shaking so hard that I fell and hit my head on the kitchen table. Thanks a lot, Jesus!

I really don’t have an explanation. I’m not a believer in the supernatural anymore. All I can say is that it’s a part of the culture, and looking back on it I still am completely baffled by the intensity of the experience. I can say with 100% certainty, that shit is weird.

My guess is that the guy asking for an ambulance to be called is somehow related to what was going on.

Best wishes,

How rude. I wonder if she’d like it if I went to her church and asked people to repent wasting their time on religion instead of getting an education.

Like olivesmarch4th, I’ve seen examples like this at various ‘charismatic’ Christian events in the past - it’s pretty common.

I realise that doesn’t explain it - maybe a good comparison would be to footage of emotional outpourings of grief you sometimes see on the news - sometimes, when people get caught up and overwhelmed by emotion, they lose full control of their bodies.

For reference (and again, only to demonstrate that this is a fairly common/documented phenomenon), a somewhat similar set of mannerisms is performed by the character of the religious zealot woman in the movie Edward Scissorhands.

Is it weird that I got a chubby from watching that? Seriously, that was way more arousing than a prayer has any right to be.

Maybe, maybe not. It’s weird that you told us about it though.


The devil did it.

It could be many things, yes God can give one extreme pleasure that can even be way beyond what we consider a organism, OTOH it may have been a incubus trying to distract, or even reinforce that message.