Traffic camera captures video of snowy owl.

Story and video here.

A little bit of joy for a bleak Friday.


The original stealth flier! It’s amazing how supremely adapted owls are for a single purpose. They are beautiful to us, but Angels of Death if you are a small rodent. .

Speaking of which… Poor mouse:p

I have to salute the Guardian for their meticulous concern for journalistic accuracy:


The owl was reportedly “disappointed” by the outcome of the monkey selfie suit: “That monkey just looked like an idiot. I figured the whole ‘beauty of nature/majestic figure in flight’ thing in my pic , would bring me a coupla bucks. The wife and I have our eye on a condo in Boca.”

What a beauty he is!

That actually happened very close to where I live.

So beautiful. There was a resident Great Horned Owl where I used to live. It favored a particular tree, so I was able to see him frequently. One of those experiences that make life worthwhile.

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Speaking of which… Poor mouse:p


After watching that video, I noticed THIS one over in the sidebar. Skip over the part where the camera operator drops his camera, to about 0:30 where he shows the catch in slow motion. Good thing that kid was too heavy to fly away with! :eek:

That one’s a well-known fake. The eagle is CGI.

Owl be damned.

I’ll be damned - the Hedwig of Quebec!

Oh, crap. I liked it, too. Except for the part where the moron dropped his camera (still shooting) for half the video. But thank you for the correction.

Beats the socks off a local TV station’s traffic cam featuring a spider that was named Boris by the viewers.

Well, at least one good thing has come from use of a traffic camera.