Happy Hooters web cam

I know some are frustrated by the lack of action in April’s barn so I thought I’d share the Happy Hooters web cam.

Our neighbor has a webcam placed in his owl box.

The adult barred owl has been standing in there with them for days but now there’s just no room. The little owlets are growing up.

This was not what I expected.

Well… there’s a pair of them :slight_smile:

Awwwwww! Little fluffy baby owlets.

Those owls are totally flat. They’ll never fit in the uniform.

They look bored. I want to give them some Legos to play with or a book to read or something.

Maybe Martin Waddell’s Owl Babies. MilliCal loved it when she was little

Wanted to give this a bump for the new week.

There was a lot of activity in the box yesterday. The kids were brought (at least) a frog, a lizard, and a mouse.

The happy owlets enjoyed a couple of mice early last night. They were also presented with –what looked like- a salamander that they didn’t eat right-away. It laid on the floor for an unknown amount of time.

Nights in the box have been exciting for them. They stare intently and wide-eyed at the opening. Sometimes when mom/dad drops by, you can hear the adult doing a coo-ing, almost purring sound. There may have been a party because something happened to the owl cam overnight. It appears some critter has re-positioned the camera; this morning we have a better field of view.

I think you’re right CalMeacham, they seem pretty bored in there during the day. I’ve caught them stretched-out and sleeping a couple of times.

The little guys are snoozing now. They filled-up on rabbit for lunch.

I’ve never tuned in to find them having a meal, but I keep trying. They sure were cute when they were both laying down and napping.

The little guys are trying to fly out of the box this morning.

Talk about cute?! Check them out here, stretched out and sleeping.
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The owl box dude has collected some snapshots and streams of *significant *events and that was one of them. Here’s one of the little owlets from a few weeks ago.
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That is cool. How does one attract owls to a nesting box? That I would love to know.