The Owl Box - (watch 'em hatch)

Interesting camera set up inside an Owl box. Molly, the momma, is about to have a family. They are due today.

Ad at the bottom of the screen: “Egg donor? We need you. Egg donors get top compensation for Time and Effort, anonymous.” snerk

Things like this make me sad I work for the government. :frowning: I have two monitors on my desk - I could easily open up this site on one monitor, and work on the other. Then I’d get to watch owls whilst simultaneously being productive!

But the site is blocked. Stupid blocking.

Owls are neat, though. Go owls!

For those who can’t see it…McGee, Mollies SO, brought her a rabbit a few minutes ago. Molly took about 2 - 3 minutes to eat breakfast. Real life non-scripted TV here.

So cool - thanks for the link!

Wow, I love this! Thanks for the link. I kept it up in the corner of one of my monitors all afternoon at work, then came home & showed my 16 y.o. daughter, who started watching immediately. Fascinating stuff…I hope they hatch soon!


IIRC, don’t barn owls do a continuous lay instead of clutching in the true sense, so that they have babies at different ages in the same nest?

So where are the freaking owlets? Watching ma on the nest is getting old. I thought the eggs were supposed to hatch yesterday.

Maybe Dad can bring some more unusual treats home for general viewing.

You think you’re frustrated? Over in the Live Foaling Cam thread we’ve been watching this mare who was due to foal on the 10th – still no baby!

FYI: There is a ‘Q & A’ video going on at this moment on the above URL. Its of/from the person ‘responsible’ for this particular owl streaming thingy (if I am understanding my 11yr old daughter who is hooked on these 'live animal cams)… I do hope it gets recorded for later viewing. Kinda a cool story with lots of ‘press attention’ now (so he says…and if I am understanding what I am being told) :slight_smile:


Just a bump to say the first owlet has hatched, if anyone was thinking of watching. Cleared shell and hour ago.

Yeah, they start to hatch and now the video feed is down.:mad:

They now have a second site working. Molly is eating a mole - baby is hidden.

I think it’s hilarious that the first site has a sponsored ad up - for in vitro fertilization. Don’t think that would work out well for owls.

“Well, I can’t pay your fee but I can bring you some moles, and maybe a rabbit.”

That is the same type of owl that attacked me and my son coming down a trail at dusk. I am glad it didn’t take a bite out of us. It really can put away a rat in no time. Good luck with the owlets.