Traffic Ticket ?

ok, i want to get the ticket off the record
how do i do this?

if i pay for traffic school, is there an option to take a test on the internet?
if so can someone tell me the details on this?

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Depends on what state you’re in…

Yer pal,

im in CA

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Here in Texas you have the option of taking defensive driving one time per year to get a ticket taken off your record.
You might contact your local court and find out if you have a similar option.

t lion

Or do what I do…Get a lawyer to fight it for you.

This should cost you somewhere between $50-$80 and the lawyer will usually guarantee no points on your license. Just look for the lawyers in your area that specialize in traffic law. I’ve had three seperate speeding tickets in the past three months and all have gone to the lawyer, who will undoubtably get me off with nothing more then at most a $40 dollar court-cost. Usually he gets me off without even that.

To give you an example of the miracles that these guys can work: I was once ticketed for taking a left at a right-turn only. You don’t get much more cut and dry than that. Don’t ask me how, but my lawyer got me off of that without any fines, points, or anything. Just his $79 fee, which he usually reduces to $59 for me since I’ve referred so many people to him.

The greatest part about the whole deal is that once you’ve given the ticket to your lawyer and signed the power of attorney, you don’t have to worry about having to go to court or driving school. To me, my time and aggravation is worth much more than that, so its a good deal. I’ve never understood why anyone would just pay the ticket, take the points, or go to driving school.

I’d like to note, that although I’ve gotten more tickets then I could ever begin to count, I’ve never been in an accident and have never lost the “Safe Driver” designation on my license.