Was this a good deal?

I’ll spare you the gorey details, but I got my very first speeding ticket a few weeks ago. I mailed in a not guilty plea, and got a letter that said I could call the DA and see if they would give me a plea bargain. I did, and the ticket was changed from 51 in a 35 to a 2 point “failure to obey a traffic device” ticket.

Is this a good deal? (I’m in NY, if that matters to anyone). I plan on taking a defensive driving course immediately to get rid of the points, so that’s not a problem.


I’m not sure Zette, but you might also try a prayer for judgement, they’ll drop the ticket and you won’t get any points at all, but you also can’t get another ticket for one year. Your deal sounds ok if you have the time to go to the class.

I do the classes all the time. Usually get one of the Comedy Traffic schools, where they have traffic jokes to help make it go faster.

NEVER leave it, or you will pay 300-500 more on your insurance for 3+ years.

I also fight them a lot.

When the officer starts to read his notes from the back of the ticket, object, and the judge will make him report from memory, which he may not be able to do.

And never admit anything. Once you say “but the rest were going over the limit with me” you have given the judge no choice. You have to have reasonable doubt- “I was just keeping up with traffic, and was in the speed limit last time I glanced at the meter”.

Even if he knocks it down to 1 point, you should still ask for the traffic school option.

Thanks for the input! :slight_smile: