Trailer for "Australia"

Saw this last night (the trailer). Within 15 seconds, it was painfully obvious that this movie will suck and/or be a box office flop. Anyone else catch it and come to the same conclusion?

Well, this was certainly my reaction, but I’m not good at predicting these things.
I feel the time for big epic dramas has passed, I’m not wild about the leads, and the thread of “liberal hero saves poor Aboriginal girl” that I detected in the preview was off-putting.
I do like the idea of pretty pictures of Australia on the big screen though.

It might well be a US box office flop, if (American) people aren’t in the mood, but that doesn’t necessarily reflect that it’s a bad movie. Lots of great movies have terrible box office. Lots of great movies have terrible box office in the US, but do well in other countries. This will be a hit in Australia no matter what.

Myself, I’m counting on it being a wonderful film, and my anticipation is through the roof. It’s Baz! It’s Nicole! It’s Hugh! It’s Australia! It’s an Epic! It’s WWII! I mean really, the pre-release signs just can’t get any better for me. I get goosebumps when I see the trailer. It may or may not live up to my excitement, but I can’t wait to see it.

I don’t think it is an epic drama. It’s more a romantic adventure, with a dramatic macguffin as a backdrop. That’s what I recall from early word from Baz Luhrmann.

I was excited during the first 30 seconds or so of the trailer. I love historicals and epics and Nicole and Jackman, but I fear the trailer told the whole damn story.

That’s my problem with the trailer for The Soloist. “What more of the movie is there to see?”

I’m going just for Jackman. If Nicole dies in the first ten seconds, then all that much more bettererer.

I saw the trailer and thought, “Australia was bombed during World War II?” So I went to Wikipedia and read about the bombing of Darwin during the war. I thought I was well-informed, but I hadn’t heard about it.

A link to the trailer for convenience of discussion.

And, I should add that it looks like Pearl Harbor crossed with Dances with Wolves. Although it is hard to get any sense of the story from the trailer. All I know is that they cannot let them win.

Don’t worry; they don’t. Sorry for spoiling the movie for you.

I prefer to imagine a different sort of movie. Kidman plays an intensely racist woman who barely overcomes her disgust to try and educate the dark little girl. Jackman doesn’t quite share her views but simply wants an end to the strike. It’s all set in Western Australia in the 1940s, telling the history of the Pilbara Strike.

I found the opening line in the trailer oddly reminiscent of the trailer for “The Others”.

I’m getting a definite Pearl Harbor vibe. Apparently during the war in the Pacific, you couldn’t take five steps without running into a love story.

My theory is that for a certain sort of hack comedy, the producers buy about maybe three good jokes from expensive writers. They make sure they’re acted and directed well. Once they are in the can, they dust their hands and say “OK, that’s enough to be able to put together a trailer” and then employ hacks to write and direct the rest.

My theory is probably complete crap, but that’s how it feels.

The trailer for it plays a little like an over-long tourism advert.

Which is probably why Tourism Australia had him do this.

I think the shorts look fantastic, as every Luhrmann movie does. The cast is a who’s who of older generation Aussie actors. I have loved all his movies, each of which had some major unappealing aspect - Strictly Ballroom, about ballroom dancing; Romeo + Juliet, about Romeo and Juliet; Moulin Rouge, Paris, Bollywood, non singers in a musical who could possibly like it? So I am expecting big things.

Baz Luhrmann is one of those rare things in the Australian film directing fraternity - he makes cinematic films intended to entertain. It’s almost only him and George Miller who are doing that.

The rest of them are trying to do arty important serious films, about the harsh realities of rural domestic life, or significant historical Aboriginal issues.

Or cheesy horror films with giant crocodiles.

A tourism commercial gave me goosebumps? How the hell did that happen?

It might not do well in the US but that doesn’t mean it isn’t good. And it might not be good, but the trailer has convinced me to go see it.

I’ll be giving it a miss. I like my historical epics without a love story, thanks.