Where can I hear a tape of Rumsfelds news interview with the Egyptian defense minister?

I don’t know, but…


How old is it?

Searching around the Pentagon site shows damn near everyhting but the meeting with the Egyptian defense minister.

The text part can be found here-

United States Department of Defense - NEWS TRANSCRIPTS"

Now I know it’s for text only, but if you can find it there, they also have audio versions available too. You just need to know what they called it.

A random search in both text and audio for Rumsfeld+Egypt came up blank- as if it never happened.

So, figure out when it was, and who it was with, exactly, and maybe that site will help.

*No, I’m not obsessive, I just like trying to find things on the net that seem difficult, if only to hone my searching abilities.

In this case, it was a goose egg, but I’d rather post and possibly give you an avenue to pursue, then to move on and post nothing.

Thanks for the site Cnote
It was the Indian defense minister.

[quote rumsfeld]

Rumsfeld: The defense minister of India is also the foreign minister. And this is our second visit, and we’ve just had a very good discussion about his part of the world and the problems that the United States and those nations that are concerned about terrorism are wrestling with. And I appreciate his being here and the very spontaneous, open, fulsome support which they have offered the United States immediately after the attacks here in this country. It is something that is appreciated and valued and from which we are benefitting.


Note the Italics(mine)
The definition of the word fulsome from websters
disgusting or offensive, esp.because of excess or insincerity.

Well I screwed that up.
Just the word fulsome should be in italics.

For a minute there, I thought you were telling me my post was fulsome.

Call me what you will, but don’t ever call that.

*And a ‘just so you know’ tidbit- Apparently Rumsfeld’s use of the word ‘fulsome’ was appropriate:

Gee I didn’t think a websters definition needed to be checked.I’ll double check the next time.
I thought the use of the word was strange and even looked it up. Then I double checked the quote and found that I heard correctly and I was still in error.
That just shows to go you everything has to be double checked.