Transfer contacts to iPhone.

Just got a 4S. My old phone had no data plan at all. How do I transfer the contact list from my old phone to the new iphone. I can’t find a straightforward answer.

What was your old phone? An older model iPhone?

If so, you should be able to back up the old iPhone on iTunes, then transfer it over to your new one. iTunes walks you through the process.

If it were an older model iphone the OP would have had a data plan.

Some providers have ways of accessing your contacts online; Verizon does (Backup Assistant) and T-Mobile does as well. In the case of Verizon, I think I had to activate something on the old phone.

Since your old phone has by now been disabled (assuming you’ve activated the new one), it may possibly be too late, but it couldn’t hurt to contact the carrier and see if there’s anything they can do.

Failing that: the nice thing about the newer phones is there is almost certainly a way to get the data entered using a real computer - typing it all into a gmail account perhaps, or itunes (I know the gmail approach will work, haven’t tried doing anything with itunes). This is at least easier than trying to manually enter everything using the phone itself.

Thanks, I will look into that. The old model is a nokia clamshell, perhaps 6 years old.

Then provide straightforward information. Three key pieces of information were left out. What type of phone did you have (which you later provided), what provder were you on, and what provider are you on now? Additionally, is the 4S a new phone, or an old phone?

I don’t know if Apple still supports it but there used to be a Mac program called ‘Sync’ that could read your phone via BlueTooth and save your contacts to your phonebook.

Did you mean s60 to iPhone? I think I’ve done this before.