Transfer sentence for criminal charges?

I live in MD, and have criminal charges in VA.

I am signing a plea bargain in a couple of weeks and wanted to know if it is possible to have my sentence transferred to MD so that I can have house arrest (electric monitoring).

You need an attorney.

My step son did it from Montana to Minnesota. My husband transferred probation from one county to another (but within the same state). So I would assume it’s possible for you - you need to ask your lawyer.

There is certainly no technological reason it couldn’t work.

Electronic monitoring devices need to pick up a GPS signal and have access to a phone network. Some are rigged to dial directly to a cell phone network. Others are tethered by radio signal to a fixed base station which is connected to a landline.

Some of our office staff were used as guinea pigs to test out a few models when our government was evaluating proposals. One guy wore an ankle monitor on a trip to The Bahamas. He had a bit of fun clearing airport security.

But there are financial issues.

It costs money to have a prisoner on electronic monitoring. Besides the equipment costs, someone has to be at the other end watching the signals from all the monitors. Less cost than keeping someone in jail, but still a cost. So transferring this will cost the state of MD to monitor a criminal from VA.

That may be a non-technical barrier for this.
Don’t be surprised if you have to pay the fee for electronic monitoring in both states.

The same companies that will sell a government agency the monitoring device will also offer to monitor it from a central center. So an office in Florida may monitor EM clients physically located in Maryland on behalf of a court in Virginia. No big deal. No reason the someone doing the monitoring has to be in Maryland.

You do need local boots-on-the-ground for physically attaching the device to the client and removing it as needed. But, again, the monitoring companies may offer field services. Where you are more likely to need local LEO is to make physical checks on a client to resolve violations.

Some courts have been know to make the client pay the fees associated with monitoring and hold the client responsible for damage to the equipment not related to normal wear and tear.

Legal advice is best suited to IMHO.

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