Transferring Google Play Music to Youtube Music

Yesterday, I saw this on my sister’s Facebook wall. (I apologize for the lack of capitalization; it’s her particular style).

if anyone knows how to transfer my music from the now defunct google play music to youtube music and actually make it work, please let me know. i’ve been trying to do it for months, since we were told that yt music was replacing google play music. but every time i try, it transfers over the names of the playlists, but no actual music. a customer service rep told me i needed wifi to get it to work, but even that didn’t work the time i tried it. today, when i went to listen to my music, it said that google play music is no longer available, and that i still have time to transfer my music over to yt music. so now i can’t listen to any of my downloaded music, and have to resort to using pandora, and hoping they fixed it so that it doesn’t shut itself off after a few hours. cuz silence instantly wakes me up. so… yeah. help? anyone?

Anyone know how to do this?

I just did this a few days ago. Youtube Music is confusing as crap so there are a number of ways this could have gone wrong. One thing they could try which might help is to make sure when they go to Youtube Music they click on Library (top row of menu options). This will take them to the songs they own including playlists and such, but to actually find the songs they transferred and not just the Youtube videos of them, they then have to change the pulldown menu from “Youtube Music” to “Uploads”. This is under the Playlists Albums Songs Artists area. That’s how I finally got it to just play my music and not play stupid Youtube videos of songs I owned.
I have no idea if that will solve their problems but this whole transition makes me glad I decided to change from the 10 year of Android to Apple now.

Okay, she’s tried it, and gotten about half her music working again. Any other advice?

Sorry that’s all I got. I’m just waiting out this change until I find a better option.

My sister was able to regain access to all her music by downloading another MP3 player: Muzio. She had to rebuild her playlists, however.

I just reviewed the emails I had received concerning this migration, which suggested that I could download my playlists and any content I had purchased by visiting Google Takeout. So I went to on my PC, selected ONLY Play Music, it generated a .ZIP and notified me a few minutes later that it was ready to download.
Now, I’ve never purchased (or uploaded) any content on Play Music, so my .ZIP only contains playlists in CSV format, etc.; but they claim this file would have contained MP3s of my tunes if I had purchased (or uploaded) any.