Transformers: Beast Machines

If you haven’t watched Transformers since the end of Beast Wars you prolly won’t understand what happened. I missed more than my share of episodes of this series but I think I got the gist of what happened. After the Beast Wars the Maximals and Megatron all went back to Cybertron where they had another war pretty much. After a season or two of episodes, they ended the whole deal by having Optimus and Megatron destroy each other in the organic core of Cybertron to create a balance in the universe or some crap I forgot to listen to. Now Cybertron is covered in flowers and Megatron/Optimus are dead (or so it seemed). I guess this was the only real way for the writers to end this TV franchise seeing as how they made it back to Cybertron and there’s only so many things they can transform into.

This franchise may not be dead quite yet. I’m sure they’ll find some crazy parallel universe with more transformers and a pseudo-Optimus Prime and Megatron but its still kind of weird to have them “dead”.

What was your take on this if you saw it.

I wasn’t sure myself, but it looks like the show might be over. As soon as I heard that the last three eps were called “Endgame” I started thinking it was … well, the end. :slight_smile:

If you want more info and episode summaries, this site has lots of great info on Beast Wars and Beast Machines.

Make that this site.

And I guess the Matrix was passed on to that damn cheetah. If they keep the series going, because as you noticed there were still Decepticons(Vehicons) on the balanced world so they prolly will, then that damn cheetah will be the Rodimus Prime(Primal) of the new series.

And we all know how much Rodimus Prime sucked.
God… I have no life.
I love the new X-Men Evolution cartoon tho’.

Oh, yes, Beast Machines is over.

With Cybertron reformatted, and Megatron and Optimus Primal both absorbed into it, the story of Beast Machines is over.

However, the way it ended doesn’t prevent further Transformers series, even without retconning it. (Although some who insist that the Beast modes were a mistake to begin with may think so.) Evil hasn’t been eradicated on Cybertron - nor can, or should it be.

Balance was attained, and must be maintained. The other Maximals might actually work into it.

Well, of course you could have more shows now that I think of it. Its just all dependant on how likely people are going to watch Transformers without Optimus Prime. Unless they do something real bogus like find some way to extract his spark from Cybertron. But after upsetting the balance they have to release Megatron’s spark to counteract the super-good in the universe (since they’re not gonna kill Optimus). Then the cycle begins anew and they get some more licensing cash. Then again, with the graphical stylings Beast Machines has, I’d proly end up watching it anyway.

Actually, most of the Japanese series lack an Optimus - either Prime or Primal. And they’ve killed the poor guy more times than I can count.

So, a dead/missing Optimus is not a sure way to kill a TF show.

Whether Mattel is as willing to take that chance as Takara is the real question.

I hope they do, because, frankly, it’s a little silly to insist every Autobot/Maximal leader be an Optimus, and every Decepticon/Predicon/Viacon leader a Megatron.

It was an amusing echo-back to the original series at the start of Beast Wars, but, there’s no real need for it.

Cheetor taking over from him seems good to me. Most of Beast Wars/Machines has shown him maturing, almost as if something (The Oracle?) was grooming him to take over.