Transformers movies - military scenes

I’ve always found the Michael Bay Transformers movies pretty entertaining. And I do enjoy the bits where the human military is called in to attack the Decepticons. I hadn’t seen, in other movies, that much serious military coordination, in a purely fantasy movie. SO I’m left wondering – how plausible are the events? Do predator drones really work that way. Can they help against a radar cloaked object. Can you call in a beam rider, load incendiary shells. And do people think its fairly plausible that, in the event of an extraterrestrial threat, US troops can just “go” to mainland China or Jordan, and drop some JDAMS?

I suppose I’m looking for the usual nit-picking this sort of movie scene usually gets and I’m not finding it here on SDMB and elsewhere under by Googleing.

Or perhaps its all so silly, it isn’t even worth engaging the brain for.

I don’t recall more than a general impression of any of the Transformers. That impression would be wildly unrealistic. That’s pretty much Hollywood’s stock in trade when it comes to the military. They are at their worst when it’s low brow, eat a bunch of popcorn and watch stuff blow up, action movies…like movies about fighting giant robots made by Michael Bay.

Maybe I’ll look up a scene or three and have a drink later.

That seemed to have been a trope, at the time, for other movies. I’m think mostly the first Iron Man. That move is notable not for the use of some sort of equal parts forced and strained military scene – in fact, only flying back from Tony’s first assault do they even try. Rather, its notable how that behavior was dropped for #2, Avengers, and Iron Man #3. Seems like, someone said,“They’re not buying the conventional military angle, let’s go pure fantasy from here on out.”