Transformers: The Movie - Translation problem?

Today I was sitting in a mall in Shanghai watching the movie, and I liked it. One thing wigged me out, though - when the NSA guys are in the office talking about some rival country getting prepared, and the blonde British lady walks in on them . . . I’m guessing they’re talking about China in the original, right? Over here, the voices were slurred at that point, and I couldn’t read the Chinese subtitles.

Oh, as an aside - during the end credits sequence when the parents were talking about America being a free country and all that . . . not subtitled. Chinese audience couldn’t understand a word.

I believe they were talking about Russia but it may have been Russia and China. I’m almost certain it was Russia only.

Actually, I think it was North Korea. I remember a lot of talk about North Korea (I saw it in South Korea so it sticks out).

Yes, I’m pretty sure it was North Korea, too.

Yeah, North Korea is mentioned as ramping up its defenses or something like that, and I think later Russia and China are mentioned as sending out their forces.

The funny thing about not subtitling the credits is that it’s actually satire about the US government and their level of disclosure. I guess not only might this not come through in the subtitles, but it might also lead to unfavorable comparisons to China.