Transgendered 6 Year Old Wins Rights Case

"Colorado officials say a suburban Colorado Springs school district discriminated against a 6-year-old transgender girl by preventing her from using the girls’ bathroom, in what advocates described as the first such ruling in the next frontier in civil rights.

Coy Mathis’s family raised the issue after school officials at Eagleside Elementary in Fountain said the first-grader could use restrooms in either the teachers’ lounge or in the nurse’s office, but not the girls’ bathroom. Coy’s parents feared she would be stigmatized and bullied."

And Coy is not going to be stigmatized by the 6 year old girls when going to the bathroom?

Don’t know why it would matter to anyone, anyway. Presumably the girls bathrooms have stalls exactly like every girls bathroom I’ve ever seen. As long as she sits to pee, who cares?

This. Little girls sit to pee, and have enclosed stalls.

Great Moments in Excretory History

PastTense Why would she be stigmatized by the other girls? Check out the photographs in the article. Unless you look at her genitals, she looks just like any other six year old girl. Unless the other kids watch the news and read the papers, they won’t know there’s anything unusual about Coy.

And he isn’t going to be stigmatized when he fully realizes his parents are bat crap crazy for raising a boy as a girl? There is no way in hell a six year old chooses to be transgendered unless his parents promote the idea.

So how old would she have to be before she can know she’s transgendered?

How old must somebody be before they know what gender they are?

I honestly can’t remember a time when I didn’t know I was a boy. Lucky for me, I’m cisgendered.

I kind of have a problem with this as well. It’s a debate I’ve gotten into with a couple of friends and we can never really come to an agreement. I think it’s absolutely ridiculous that the parents are calling this child transgendered. That’s not something for them to decide. That’s a personal decision, and as the child is not old enough to even comprehend what it means, let alone to label themselves as it, the parents need to stfu. Yes, it’s good that they’re supportive of their son choosing to dress and act as a girl would. But they can’t just assume this is because the child is transgendered. He might just be a boy who likes pretty, frilly things.

As for the whole bathroom issue. I’m conflicted. On one hand, it’s not hurting anyone to let him use the girls bathroom at the elementary level. But what about when he gets older? When he starts hitting puberty? I think more than anything his parents are just making things harder on him in the long run. Should they force him to dress and act like a boy to conform to society’s norms? No, but I don’t think this is the best solution to their problems.

Eh, I was a girl who loved trucks and blocks and guns. I also always knew that I felt like a girl, and ended up straight as well.

I don’t think I have a right to judge Coy and her parents, and as she grows up, if for whatever reason she decides that she was wrong or “confused”, she can transition back. No one is cutting off genitalia or anything at this point, they’re putting on different clothes and using different bathrooms.

My admittedly limited understanding is that it is NOT the parents suddenly deciding Coy is a girl but rather the child has been under the care of doctors for some time now and is diagnosed by professionals as transgendered, that initially the parents were resistant but became convinced by those experts.

Now, I suppose someone might suggest there is an Evil Cabal of Doctors intent on dressing Coy as a girl but really, the transgendered are just as transgendered as children as when they are adults. It’s not something that arises at puberty. There is, of course, the problem of knowing who is really transgendered and who has some other issue that might be mistaken for being transgendered, but as noted, nothing permanent is being done to Coy at this time so if later on Coy somehow or other concludes she is not, in fact, transgendered or something else then Coy can move on with her life as she feels the need to do so.

Wendy Carlos, formerly known as Walter, said in her interview in Playboy:

I knew I was a boy when I was six, so I have no reason not to believe that Coy is equally sure she is a girl.

Didn’t bother to read the article, I see.

Admittedly, I didn’t. More so because this has been in the news before and I’d read articles regarding the child. So I just assumed there wasn’t any new information outside of the ruling. Reading it now, I still think Coy’s much too young to be diagnosed with something like that. On top of the fact that they were one of triplets and the other two are girls makes me wonder if it’s just Coy wanting to fit in with sisters. I don’t know. Obviously I’m just basing my opinion on what I’ve read, so there’s probably plenty I don’t know about.

As somebody who is very, very pro-LGBT rights and tolerance, this case still makes me think.

Obviously the case is an outlier, and I don’t know the details or individuals nearly enough to actually have a judgment, but it does feel a little odd.

I certainly wasn’t “certain” I was a boy when I was six. I mean, I was pretty sure. I heard it from a lot of places. And my body matched what I was told “boys” look like. But my gender identity is something I grew into.

The fact that Coy (apparently) is much more comfortable being regarded as and living as a girl is…great. I’m all for individual comfort, and I’m completely okay with people deciding their gender expression.

My discomfort in this case stems largely from a sense where they’re locking a child in an opposite gender binary. I believe strongly in gender fluidity and deprogramming specific gender rules. Something about, “our son liked pink, didn’t like toys cars, and prefers dresses so we all agreed that Coy’s really female” feels really offputting. And the incredible mess of what this will mean come puberty just makes the whole case seem stranger.

All that said…I don’t really have any objection to this specific case. I do recognize there are reasons to have gendered bathrooms. Even if a child ISN’T “really” transgendered, I don’t see any meaningful reason a six-year-old who wears dresses, prefers the pronoun “she,” and has two twin sisters should be forced to use a boy’s room. The room division is about the safety, privacy, and comfort of the occupants.

I don’t think anyone here can say they know more about Coy’s medical situation than her own doctors, and since they agree this is the right path for her, I have to agree. There simply is not a cabal of doctors trying to prove a political point by mis-gendering children.

When Coy reaches puberty, if she wants to identify as a girl, she will most likely be put on hormone blockers to delay puberty. They can be stopped at any time and puberty for her will continue as it would for a normal male. Or, if she never changes her mind, when she turns 18 she will have the option to have SRS. It’s a very very good thing we can do this by the way, because undergoing puberty as a male causes changes that are very difficult or impossible to undo, and it can be incredibly hard, mentally, for a transgendered person to undergo puberty in the wrong gender. There is a consensus among doctors that this is the best current treatment for children who feel they are transgendered, and, again, there are no permanent changes of any kind taking place.

With all that said, way to go Coy!

What are the criteria those professionals use? Some er “evidence” offered in the article is laughable.

Well that settles it then!:slight_smile:

I’ll admit this just seems to reinforce a lot of rigid gender role crap.

Sure why not. The idea of gendered bathrooms is kind of silly anyway.

In what possible universe would anyone want to fake this? People with gender issues should be encouraged to be who they are, but I can’t imagine anyone wishing the hell of prejudice that transgendered people deal with on anyone if they had any choice in the matter.

I feel comfortable accepting that Coy is female in her mind, though male in body, and that will be surgically corrected when she is old enough.

in a universe where psychology is not an exact science? where mis-diagnosis of physical symptoms are not an uncommon occurence? nobody’s claiming that the doctors are faking this but, what are the criteria those professionals use? that the child prefers to emulate her other twins?

That’s because the actual evidence that is used by trained doctors is confidential and is not supposed to be passed out to random people, including reporters. The “evidence” presented is probably from speaking with the parents.

What are the criteria used to diagnose depression? Or Alzheimer’s? Alzheimer’s has no reliable physical test that can be conducted prior to autopsy, so the diagnosis is made indirectly, yet there are few who doubt that disorder exists.

What evidence do you have that this child is doing this to “emulate” her twins, rather than being her own person? After all, it’s not like most children born as the only boy in a triplet claim to be a girl.