Translate an SMS I received

I got an SMS on my phone the other day; from a foreign number and written in a language I don’t understand or recognise. It’s obviously just been sent to the wrong number, but I am curious what it means:

It’s punctuated exactly as received; none of the letters have any accents or anything like that

Translated into English it reads:

Is wanting privacy in the olive groves crazy, or is it proper? Your address should be on Napster.

Translated from what language, CBCD?

Well, my near-forgotten Russian took me as far as “Hi, this is…” A friend with some academic knowledge of Russian says it’s:

(23:21:37) Scott: “Hello, this is Olya from Kahovka. To where did you [some verb I don’t recognize]? Write down your address.”
(23:21:52) Scott: Probably “Where did you go?” or something.

Original language? It is translated from Alte Pottsylvanian, a Basque dialect.


Aw heck, my first whoosh! :o :smack:

(May I say in my defense that it’s been a looooong week? :wink: )

Trillionare and Misnomer - It had been a long week for me too. Normally I don’t mess with peoples questions, but…gosh…I couldn’t resist!

‘Tee-hee’ said she.

OK, so Olya from Kahovki wants my address. Thanks elfbabe.
And thanks CBCD for your interpretation too.