Translate this "English", please

Found on Discovery’s “Be a Grand Prix Driver” program, here is a recording of one of the hopeful drivers. I have literally no idea what he’s on about, after 7 listenings. It’s like he’s speaking a completely different language. What accent is that, where’s he from, and what’s he saying?

He’s the second voice you hear.

That link is not working for me.

404-compliant here too.


OK, after much (some) effort, I’ve posted this as a torrent. It’s only 25kB, so it will download very quickly.

I’m getting an “invalid url” error in uTorrent. The tracker url it’s looking for is


is this a problem at my end?

It’s probably easiest just to upload it to Rapidshare or similar.

Jeeezt. What a pain, overall.

Thanks for the suggestion.

Is it hot(?) enough?
cos I havn’t been taught anything yet.

That is all I could understand :slight_smile:

Right, to my untutored ear he sounds like a Afro-Caribbean Londoner (or more general southern English)

I can’t get the very first part, but the latter part is “didn’t go for any lairy* moves that I know I can’t do, 'cos I ain’t been taught any of 'em yet.”

*meaning flashy

“Didn’t go for no <something that sounds like “fahboes”>, didn’t go for any lairy moves…” etc.

Sounds London/Estuary, not really Afro Caribbean to my ears.

He’s a Londoner, and I’m pretty sure he’s a whitey, not Afro-Carribbean.

“[I don’t think] that’s for [inaudible], though; I think that’s for any lairy (wild, crazy, dangerous) moves that I know I can’t do. 'Cause I haven’t been taught any of them yet.”

What the heck’s a torrent?


Sort of like Napster, but for almost any file type.

BitTorrent is a way to move files around that leverages the power of everyone else downloading the file at the same time. In short, the file gets split into small pieces and each piece goes from the initial server to all of the people who want the file. Then as new people want the file, they get pieces from the whole original bunch as opposed to only the initial server. This makes it feasible to move whole Linux install DVDs around without buying large-scale server hardware and Internet access.

Sounds like a white Londoner.

Speaker A: So, it’s…it’s hot enough?
Speaker B: Didn’t go for no bravado. Didn’t go for no lairy moves that I know I can’t do - 'cos I ain’t been taught any of them yet!

That’s it.

I didn’t find that at all difficult - maybe I just lived too long in London. My American wife couldn’t get much of it either.

I’ll have to turn in my northern card :frowning:

Hee. I’m from Glasgow - if the natives find out I can understand suthurn I’ll be chased out of the city by a raging mob.

Wow, I think you got it. My buddy and brother also couldn’t tell me what it was.

I think the first person says, “It’s hotting up” (it’s getting more extreme in competition).

Plus, even after all that Blackadder, Yes Minister, Monty Python, Rutles, and Top Gear, I’ve still never heard “lairy”.

You may know it as leery.

Here’s OED: