Translation help for gravestone in Russian

I recently found a tombstone inscribed with what to me looks like Russian, or Cyrillic anyway. Here is my transcription :

ВУћ Γ1910

Can anyone decypher any of this?

It’s likely Serbian or Bulgarian. While it’s in Cyrillic script, it uses a couple of letters never used in Russian, even before the alphabet reforms, but found in one or the other of those languages. Beyond that, I cannot tell. I recognized only a couple of words.

Do you have a picture? To the best of my knowledge, no language uses all the cyrillic letters you have used. It’s not serbian or bulgarian, since neither one of those has the letter “Є”. To the best of my knowledge, it is only present in Ukrainian. Њ is only in Macedonian. ђ only in Serbian. Is it possible you transliterated wrong?

I mean, they look like slavic words, but if I would read that aloud in Russian it’s pretty much gibberish as written. The third word means “world”, sixth word means “never” (but misspelled). If you had a picture I could do a much better job.

First off I can’t seem to type Cyrillic on the board, so I’ll have to transliterate - sorry all.

I know a bit of Serbian and there are definitely typos in this: the first word probably should be “Ove”, i.e. “Here”.

The third word more likely means “peace” in the context of a gravestone. The second line is the person’s name, “Nikoda Janjatovic” or somesuch, born in 1875. (Final letter of the surname is c with ´ above it)

This is what I can figure out:

Here began the peace [something I cannot decipher]
Nikoda Janjatovic born [?] 1875
[?some word that probably means “died”] 20 January 1907 [something]
[I have no idea about the rest, except “Tanato” reminds me of Greek “Thanatos”]

It’s most likely Serbian, because line three contains the month of death. January in Serbian is sijecanj (that is c with the hacek).

Hope this helps.

I found a site where I could host the picture of the gravestone .

Could a moderator change the title to “Translation help for a gravestone in Cyrillic” ?

Thanks for the help with decipherment.

here is full shot in color

I have a friend that speaks serbian. If she comes online soon, I will ask her to translate it, unless someone comes along before then and does it.

This is my friend’s translation:

here rests god’s slave Nikola Janjatovich
born 1875, passed in (died) 1907

“ovaj spome” - this memorial stone?

she says the rest are only parts of words.

so it is in Serbian? How many letters did I transcribe incorrectly?

I’m pretty sure most of the letters were right. I showed her the pictures, and she changed a couple of the words.

thanks for your help. The tombstone is from the town of Goldfield, Nevada.

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