Translation of: 1) the ISIS flag & "coat of arms"; 2) sign on crucified victim **Disturbing photos**

Wiki on the ISIS flag and what it calls its “coat of arms,” but there’s probably a better word. They give a translation, but a) I wonder if it’s complete/accurate and b) would like to know how the words are presented spatially in the graphic design.

Are there supplementary words on the al-Quada flag (shown in conjunction)?

What is the writing in these two photos of a murdered/executed man hung on a cross, said by this political site I stumbled on to be from ISIS?

They are as vicious as the site.

For all I know the photo could be from Iran. I do not know the difference in the scripts.

I have no idea about the script but the spoilered site was amazingly offensive


That’s one word for it.

That site has me speechless.

I can only imagine what poorly educated, bitter young men in the middle east are compelled to do after being fed that type of crap.

Sorry, forgot to link the Wiki ISIS cite.

I just found, in a remarkable case of SerenDipity[sup]TM[/sup], Time Magazine today talks about this.

Had a few others in mind but I doubt that they are appropriate for this forum. Does anyone but our “friends” over at SF believe the Jews are running ISIS? That is possibly the most insane thing I have ever heard.

Sorry for the hijack



ISIS is a plot by the Jews. Didn’t see that one coming.

Yeah, that site is just a bunch of anti-Semitic propaganda. And I’ll take a wild guess and say that the Arabic scribbling on their flag probably as “Alarm Snackbar” somewhere in it… :smiley: