Transmission Light, big deal

My 2002 Volvo just had the transmission light go on. I called the Volvo Place (Zahid Tractor, a name than inspires little confidence) who told me they would not have a rental care for me until Saturday.

Ought I to drop it off ASAP, or can it wait?

Park it.
Either drive it straight there or have it towed.

Check the fluid level if you haven’t done that already, and top it off if you need to. Sometimes a low fluid level will set off the light.

It depends on why the light is on. Some problems that will trigger the light do not preclude driving it. In general, I wouldn’t worry about using it so long as there are no other symptoms, but the only way to be certain in any given case is to evaluate the particular problem.

Grumble. Another darn thing to deal with.