Transplanted penis ensued

Man, there’s just no way to write this OP without it sounding like a joke, is there?

World’s first penis transplant ends in amputation.

Not because of any rejection but because the recipient apparently couldn’t handle it. Psychologically couldn’t handle it, that is.

Can you even begin to imagine that conversation?

He needed to give his new buddy more time, two weeks just isn’t enough to get to know someone. Take him for walks, show him around, hat sort of thing. But no, he just had to dump him.

What kind of psychological problems? Did he think it was talking to him? Did he feel like everytime he touched it he was touching a dead guy’s penis? Was he afraid it would take over and make him go out and have sex with people?
I predict this thread title will appear in many a sequential threads post.

It was probably a lot smaller than what he was used to. Or much too big compared to his first.

Maybe it was like the genital version of The Hands of Orlac or Mad Love.

Okay, bumping this to hopefully put it next to “4 hours in SF - offbeat things to do?”…bwahahahaha.

Maybe it kept getting caught in the vacuum cleaner.

That’s got to be the worst case of penis envy I’ve ever seen!

The article I read said it was his wife that couldn’t [drumroll] … [/drumroll] handle it.