Travel Channels "World's Best" Subjects You'd Like to See

[sub]Note to Mods: I figured this was more of a poll than a discussion of a TV show, so I placed it here.[/sub]

World’s Best on the Travel Channel is a documentary series they show every night at 7:00 Central. They count down the top ten… something every night. Subjects have ranged from the sublime (World’s Best: Top Ten Places to Pig Out(a survey of restaurants that serve certain dishes in HUGE portions)) to the ridiculous (World’s Best: Top Ten Outrageous Bathrooms).

They have a little suggestion box on their website, which I plan to visit very soon. Before that, I’d like to solicit some ideas. Do you have any you’d like to see.

My ideas:
[li]Theme Park Restuarants. I’d love to see how the high-end Walt Disney World eateries (Chef Mickey’s, Victoria & Albert’s) stack up against the high-end Universal Orlando eateries (Mythos Restaurant, Confisco Grille) against other theme-park eateries around the US and around the World.[/li][li]Theme Park Attractions. There seems to be a hodgepodge of World’s Best lists relating to theme park attractions (…European Coasters, …Thrill Parks), but not a list related to the best attractions all things considered.[/li][/ul]

Any others?

That’s a cool site. But it already has some of the lists I thought about, like castles, wild party spots, and world subways.

Worlds Best Places to Work. Most people hate their jobs…it would be nice to see a places that people actually enjoy working at. Like my company!!:smiley:

As soon as I saw the title of this thread I thought “BATHROOMS!” And then I read the OP and saw they’ve already done it, and I didn’t even hear about it. Wonder if they sell the tape.

Worlds best…
Uninhabited towns?

Tacky tourist traps?



Strip clubs.