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As my dad was getting ready to take a vacation, he mentioned his dopp kit. It’s the little zippered carrying case in which he packs his shaving items and other personal toiletries. Does anyone have any idea where the name comes from? Was there a Mr. Dopp who invented the thing? Do the letters D-O-P-P stand for something? Help me out, you guys! Thanks.

It’s called a Dopp Kit after Charles Dopp. Good old Chuckie made a small leather pouch for GI’s toiletries in WWI and it proved so popular, production was continued to serve the public market after the end of the war. Dopp is a actually registered trademark and still manufactures a wide variety of high quality small leather bags and pouches, wallets and even manicure kits.

You can find samples here:

Dopp® Leather Accessories

A “leather pocket secretary”. Kin-kyyyy!