travel time again...where to this time

I’m in S. Wisconsin, will be taking the week off between the holidays. I’d like to drive somewhere for a few days just to see the local sites. The weather will be a bit chill but probably unseasonably warm so I’m interested on camping and some outdoor stuff like biking or canoeing. Any local ideas that you have that I should see. here are some suggestions, though I’m not tied to anything.

  1. within 12 hours drive of Southern Wisconsin.
  2. educational, outdoor, neat or unusual things to see are usually my interests
  3. not in huge major cities

Oh, I might be looking to purchase some farmland so if that is available in the area, I could use this trip as an exploratory trip to check it out.

Ever go to Turkey Run State Park in IN? Some really fun hiking in and around canyons/rock formations. Plenty to keep you busy for a few days. Surrounding area is pretty depressed. Several covered bridges if you are into that sort of thing. But the nature is the main draw.

Mammoth Cave KY might be at the outside of your range, but if you’ve never been, it’s pretty amazing.

I’m in Madison. A few months back I circumnavigated Lake Superior. It was gorgeous.

Also, I went to Osseo for pie at the Norske Nook, and to Wittenburg for bacon from Neuske.

And I drove to Denver and back to get stoned legally.

If am thinking correctly, 12 hours from your area will get you all the way down to southern Tennessee/northern Alabama/northern Georgia. That is a pretty area with a fair amount of paddling and whitewater (of various levels) opportunities. And all the other sorts of ruralish outdoor hiking kinda stuff and small towns with local dinners and antique shops and the like.

With a bit of luck, if you watch the weather and depending on what the weather does, you might even be able to hit the area when its downright balmy by your standards.

PS Mammoth cave is cool. Unless you are really out of shape, take one of the longer tours. Also check to see if they have any “wild caving tours”. Those are a blast.

Cruise along the banks of the Mississippi, either way, or 2 trips and do both. Once I ended up in Bettendorf, Iowa, and I punched the nav system for a route home. It directed me about 5 miles up to a road, and to my great surprise, the next turn off that road was a 164 miles ahead and 3 blocks from my house.

If you’re the type, you could hop around the state visiting the casinos. There’s a ridiculous number of them. Hayward has two.

Hayward also has the Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame (or maybe museum?) in a giant fish building.

Also, drive up the Door county peninsula and tour the lighthouses. Somewhere in there there’s also a place to tour a WWII American submarine.