Travel tips for Dunkirk/Normandy


my next project involves several weeks in Dunkirk; during the week I’ll be lucky to hit my bed without running into it, but we should be able to stay around on at least two weekends. I’m going to be checking out touristy webs of Normandy, but I figured I’d Ask the Dope as well.

Mt St Michel is in my bucket list but it’s five hours away, so if I go I’ll be spending the night somewhere along the way (10h drive in one day is more than I enjoy). On the Belgian side of the border, I’ve been to Brussels (one week in May years ago, a couple of weekends later), Brugge, Liege and Gent; my idea is to stay on the French side. Not Paris either, been there and done most of what I want to do in La Ville Lumière.

Are there locations between Dunkirk and Mt St Michel I should stop at or never again have our French Dopers talk to me? Specific foods to try? I’m assuming there’s going to be enough fish specialties to bore a gallego.

Gotta run to a meeting. Thanks in advance!