Traveling on the DC Metro

Tomorrow morning, I’m leaving for Washington DC for two days and I need to get from Reagan Airport (yellow and blue lines) to Woodley Park (red line). Should I take yellow or blue and where do I transfer.

Check out the trip planner over on the WMATA homepage. You can also see the map here.

Unless the platform where passengers wait for trains is your preferred location for people-watching, I would suggest making no more than one transfer. DC Metro trains come a lot less frequently than their counterparts in other big cities, so two transfers can add up to almost twenty minutes of waiting on the platforms.

That being said, the blue line is a good way to get a scenic view of Northern Virginia suburbs, while the yellow line offers a beautiful view of the Potomac River and a more direct route to the District. If I didn’t want to kill time with the detour past Arlington Cemetery, I’d take the yellow line to Gallery Place/Chinatown and transfer to the red line in the direction of Shady Grove.

I would take the Yellow Line and be done with it. The DC metro is not terribly scenic. You might get a view for a minute or two but for the most part coming from National Airport, you will be underground for the most part. The Metro is clean but it isn’t scenic. Most of the stations look identical.

Here is a map of the Metro system. The transfer point is Gallery Place-Chinatown.