Traveling to New York--Help!!

I am attending a conference in New York at the end of April, early May. I get to stay in a Hilton while the conference is on, but I’m staying a few extra days and want to find a hotel more in my price range. I’d like to find a nice hotel for as for as much under $200 a night as I can get and still be in a safe, nice hotel. I want to go to at least one show (anybody want to join me?), so close to Broadway would be nice, but I’ll be museum hopping during the day and I’m brave about taxis, so if you know of a quality gem some where in-between, that may be it. I do not want to stay at a Best Western, Comfort Inn or Travelodge–those are fine when I’m in Pendleton, Oregon, but in New York, I want something that says “class” (even if it’s a bit of a lie). See, I really want to stay at the Algonquin, but I can’t justify the price (I’ll settle for a martini in the Round Table Room. Touristy, yes, but I like it. So anyone know of a place with a fancy schmancy name but a reasonable cost?

Some that looked promising–Westpark Hotel, Washington Jefferson Hotel, Ameritania, Gershwin, Hotel Wolcott, and St. James.

Thanks in advance for the help.

I’ve stayed at the Flatotel and really liked it. A quick check shows it around $190 a nite for a three star. I have to say that it is nicer than what I would consider a three star. I also thinkwe got a better deal on the price…I can’t quite remember what it cost…maybe google around a bit if you are interested. It is within walking distance of the theatre district…maybe 5 blocks or so. It is very modern- not quite my taste usually- but it is clean and sleek and…different. Very chic, very NY. I’m sure you will get 10,000 responses with different hotels. Good luck! Have you been to NYC before? If you are all alone and need company or ideas, let me know.

The New Yorker Hotel on 8th Avenue is recommended by European e-friends.
You can get cheap theatre tickets at the TKTS (ticks) booth in Times Square.

I stayed at the Wolcott once. Very classy and right in the middle of the theatre district. Incredibly small room though.