Trendy buzzwords that you find charming, useful, fun or otherwise appreciate...

In response to this thread, wherein participants are invited to engage in complaint, disparagement, and murderous plotting against “trendy buzzwords”, current slang and miscellaneous pop language silliness, I invite participants to share their warm and fuzzy feelings towards whatever pop language silliness you find amusing, enjoyable, etc.

If you dare…because of course if you actually state out loud that you like something the cool kids hate, the torture will be endless and you better have extra lunch money tucked in a shoe or something…

I’ll start… I actually appreciate/enjoy “bae” and “stabby”. I also really like the construction “because [noun]”. It amuses me.
I used to appreciate epic, but it’s over between us now. I’ll always have fond memories.

I remember having a little fun with ‘as if’ when it first started trending. It was such a moody teenager thing to say that it actually amusing to hear it coming out of the mouth of grownup. It did get old fast, but it had its moment…

Good, this gives me an opportunity to ask this without being hooted off the page:

What the hell is “bae”?

I don’t know if it’s charming (I actually suspect I might be doing it to be annoying), but I have recently taken to auto-adjectivising words for effect to highlight examples of things that are superior or inferior - for example a client came in for a meeting, but quickly decided he would need to return next week with more of his colleagues. This meeting clearly wasn’t meetingy enough - we’'ll have a meetingier meeting next week then.

I approve, and I am amused.

Some people say it stands for “before anyone else.” It’s your sweetie.

What a groovy topic! I bet the posts on this boss thread will be really far out. Fer shure.

10-4 good buddy! :smiley:


Out of sequence

Oh boss! I miss boss… it was a good one… but solidly wrapped up in 60’s surfer, ain’t got no place in the world today.

I’ve used awesomeblossom. And now thanks to the other thread, I think I’ll add amazeballs and hangry to my dialogue. I just like goofy, silly stuff and life’s too frigging serious as it is. So, next up… bring back groovy, man!

My current favorite is using adult as a verb. “I need to start adulting” sounds so much more fun than “I need to be more mature and responsible.”

I’ve also never found a good substitute for “dis” meaning “to be disrespectful to.” Compare “I can’t believe she just dissed me” to “I can’t believe she was disrespectful to me.”

I need to go to the other thread to talk about “bae”. :smiley:

hmmmm - not sure if your contribution was contributiony enough.:stuck_out_tongue:

I still say rad occasionally, or splunge.
Gotta ease off the amazing, though.

Was “dudelar” ever a thing? It feels Fast Times At Ridgemont High ish.

IMHO, cromulent is cromulent.

I say “craptastic” all the time. Rolls off the tongue…

You make a fair and pointy point.

In the interest of inclusiveness, on the rare occasions I use “dudes” I’ll often add “and dudettes” or “dudesses”.

Thank you.

Follow-up question: how do you pronounce it. Bay? Bye? B-A-E?

I need to know because I’m going to not use it for the rest of my life and I want to not use it correctly.

I don’t know, but it should be. That’s awesome sauce right there. :slight_smile:

I find “woke” useful. I don’t particularly like it, but it’s useful.

I still use SA surfer-speak (Surfafrikan), which was regionally trendy but now a little dated. Not sure if any of the other Saffricans would be on board - lank kiff, bru. Schweet.