Trendy catch phrases you've had enough of...

Pet peeve - just wondering which grate on people the most :slight_smile:

“grate on people”

None of them bother me all that much.

I like to use “Really” in the style of “Really!?! With Seth & Amy” from SNL. Hate if you must.

I am getting a little tired of “By the power of Greyskull!”

“I hear you.”

To mean, I disagree with you but don’t want to say why.

I’m pretty sick of “really?” I first started noticing it when that Windows Mobile commercial was airing a year or two ago. One guy fished his phone out of the potty after dropping it in by accident, and the guy next to him said, “really?” Other similar situations were shown in the commercial.

Om nom nom. Srsly.


I don’t hear it as much now, but there was a time when it was used to describe everything from software to diapers.

ETA: So, I was re-reading the poll options and noticed the first one: needlessly using “so” to start a sentence. So, that’s another peeve.

“Yadadadada, yadadada…” for “and so on, and so on.”

I heard some douchebag interviewed on Public Radio use it today, and I damned near tossed my laptop out the kitchen window to smash on the pavement 16 stories below. :smack:

Every last one of them annoys the living daylights out of me.



“Cutie patootie.”


Rebuttals that begin with “Um,” or “Erm,”, as in “Erm, you do know that X is Y, right?”

It is bad enough that some people talk like that, it is just laziness to let it slosh over into prose.

“It is what it is.”

I don’t know why this banal sentence enrages me.

yo mama knows which one i’ve had enough of.

Starting out with “So.” It makes people sound like stand-up comics.

I expected you to be from Boston :wink: This is the Hoodie’s favorite phrase.

Do you actually mean “Yadadadada, yadadada” or do you mean “yadda, yadda,” because I’ve got to tell you, I’ve never heard anyone say “yadadadada, yadadada.”

I just want the word ‘meme’ banned from the Internet.

Something I’ve mainly seen in Cooks Illustrated (but have seen or heard it elsewhere) is “mouthfeel”. Wtf? JUST SAY “TEXTURE”, DAMMIT. It sounds like a hamfisted attempt to create a word for “texture” if we didn’t already have the word.