Trendy catch phrases you've had enough of...

How can you tell the difference? :confused:

When he said it, it sounded like it would go on forever! :smack:

As a this that or other,

Going forward,

This? Really? Seriously? I’m all about that! Awesome!

I did not realize this was pervasive. People I work with are obsessed with this. I figured it was a cultural thing at my new (2.5 years ago) place of employment.

Every single sentence begins with “So…”

Also, I’d like to recommend “sooner, rather than later.” That’s the stupidest non-essential duplication ever.

And, “I’ll double check.” No you won’t. This is the first time I’ve asked you. How the hell do you double check on a new request?

I do that…to try to soften the tone. It’s almost as if I’m apologizing for disagreeing. The point is that I’m making an extra effort not to come across as delivering an “in your face” rebuttal. “No, you’re wrong! Stupid!” Rather, “Well, ah, as it happens, although you have a valid point, it seems…”

I use ellipses and parentheses a lot, also. The intent is pretty much the opposite of what is conveyed by TYPING IN ALL CAPS and using exclamation points!

It is famously (and tragically) true that “tone of voice” does not communicate very well in text messages of this type, and so I feel it valuable to accentuate tonality in this way.

Getting rid of those would be to die for!

“He took it to another level.”

Compounded clever words like:



Can someone use “I know that’s right” in context? I don’t know if I’ve ever heard anyone say it.

Awesome is trendy? Hasn’t it been around for decades?

Marry me. :wink:

Wow, I have to wonder if we work at the same place. This is insanely popular where I work.

It’s just an idiotic way of saying “I agree.” For ex:

Guy1: “People need to slow down on this road…”
Guy2: “I know that’s right.”

I wondered if this would come up. Yes, but it’s the extreme overuse of it that I was getting at.

It’s not idiotic and I’d say the meaning is a bit more nuanced. It indicates emphatic agreement, usually at a lower level than emotional emphasis (raising your voice/its pitch, putting strong emphasis on a word, etc.). You could add emotion to it (“I KNOW that’s right!”), but it’s not required at all.

I’d kinda compare it to the call and response tradition in Black churches. If the pastor says something that really resonates with someone, they may say so out loud with an “Amen!”, “Hallelujah”, etc. Does that make sense? Like both are expressions of stronger affirmation than just “uh huh”, “yep”, “sure” would be.

Hm. Yadda, Yadda, Yadda… Let me tell you about Yadda, Yadda, Yadda. In my past life I was a customer service manager interviewing potential supervisors. I asked a candidate about how they would handle a particularly difficult customer.

Her answer was, "well, I’d remind him about how important his business was to us, Yadda, Yadda, Yadda, and then tell him that our policy was in place to be fair to all our customers and Yadda, Yadda, Yadda… You know… Brush him off to customer relations and keep the line moving.

We were an airline, if it makes a difference. When I labeled her “Not best qualified” for the job, I ended up in HR explaining why I would make up lies about her…

She got the job, but was fired in six months for refusing a wheel chair to a disabled person and telling them that they looked healthy enough to walk, and to not play the “cripple” card to skip the security line…

God am I glad to be free of that job…

Agree to disagree on both counts. It’s incredibly idiotic and I have never heard any “nuance” whatsoever.

Careful about the black thing. Race card nazis lurk everywhere :wink:

“In and of itself” which “doesn’t even begin to make sense”

That’s trendy? I haven’t heard that for years.


“My bad.”

“Do you want to come with?” As opposed to “Do you want to come with us?”

What about beginning speeches with : " I would like …"

For instance: “I would like to welcome…” or "I would like to congratulate … "

I remember a British show where a jester on hearing the above yelled:

“Then why the hell don’t you just say it !!”

Race card. That’s another one I hate.