Tri-state Area Dopers...

What is the best airport to fly into from the west coast to get to Cape May, NJ? I’m assuming my choices would be Philadelphia, Baltimore or Dulles. I’m also planning a side trip to Rehoboth via the Cape May ferry, if that changes the return any. I’m soooo map-challenged, thanks!

When are you going to be in Cape May? I’ll be there the first week of August. Have you been? You’ll love it!

From Philly, it’s about an hour and a half, unless you’re doing it Saturday between 10AM and 6PM, which you don’t want to do. Go over the Walt Whitman Bridge to 676, over to 55, down to the end of 55, then another 45 minutes or so on two-lane roads the rest of the way.

I have been once or twice, Twickster, and it’s beautiful. I love Victorian houses, so I’ll be in heaven. Unfortunately, we’re not going til November though (I know: brrr!). A friend of mine’s father loves Sherlock Holmes and they’re having some sort of Sherlock Holmes murder mystery weekend in November and they’re taking him for his 90th (!!) birthday and invited us. Then I wanted to show my girlfriend Rehoboth Beach because that’s where we went every year when I was a kid (I didn’t get any sense of direction til I moved to California, apparently.) So Philadelphia’s my best bet? My friends are flying into Dulles, which seemed odd to me (but cheap! They found a ticket from San Diego to D.C. for $109!)

Ok, I’m rambling - thanks for your input!

Dulles is way the hell the other end of the universe, so I wouldn’t go that way – although they’re roughly at the same latitude, “you can’t get there from [er] there.” Both the Chesapeake Bay and the Delaware Bay are between DC and Cape May, so you either do some serious bridge and/or ferry action, and a lot of time on two-lane roads, or go up to NJ and back down, at which point you’re better off starting from Philly. I think BWI may be almost as bad as Dulles, but I’m not sure how you’d go. You’d better wait till some nice Baltimorean checks in, hon, just to be sure.

November has the potential to be extremely nice – my sister and I usually do a final weekend sometime in October, when it’s not warm enough to be swimming, but it’s certainly nice enough to be on the beach. You should be able to get in some nice walks, etc.

You’ll want to look into Spirit Airlines into Atlantic City.
It’s definitely the closest commercial airport to Cape May. And Spirit has some good (cheap) fares.
I live in S Jersey near Philadelphia, but sometimes it’s easier and cheaper to fly in/out of AC.