Trials and Tribble-ations (DS9 episode)

This “crossover” episode was on Spike TV 7/26, and I have to admit, it’s one of my favorites. Everything from seeing to old Enterprise, to Bashir’s plastered down hair, to Dax’s ultra-short skirt, to Worf having to explain away the makeup differences between TOS and DS9…I think it was a very clever episode, and it captured the essence of the original Trouble with Tribbles, which was that it was a light-hearted episode with no moral whatsoever.

I also enjoyed the computer special effects that allowed the interaction between the actors of TOS and DS9. However, I had forgotten the ending, so…

if, as Worf stated, the Klingons wiped out the tribbles at the end of the 23rd century, how would their sudden reappearance affect the ecological balance? Granted, they’re cute, but they are pests, who do nothing but eat and breed, and I can’t believe Sisko didn’t think it was a big enough issue to mention to the temporal investigators that they had “rescued” the tribbles.

It wasn’t that the triibles weren’t important enough to mention. It’s that he didn’t want to get in trouble. It was all about nuancing the story to avoid getting into a jackpot with the time cops.

It’s so unfair anyway. The last time a Star Fleet captain went back in time and brought back an extinct species he was lauded as a hero. Sisko gets no love.

Odo: “Another glorious chapter of Klingon history. Tell me, do they still sing songs of the great Tribble hunt?”

Sisko didn’t WANT to bring it up to the Temporal Directive. He didn’t want to talk them at all, so the less said about accidentally bringing Tribbles forward in time, the better. (Odo probrably did it!)

If I’ve cut and pasted this correctly, all it takes is for one hungry Tribble, multiplying at an average rate of ten tribblettes per litter every twelve hours in three days to end up with one million, seven hundred seventy one thousand, five hundred and sixty one.

The way to keep Tribble populations down is to starve them and find a predator species that enjoys eating (killing) them.

I imagine Worf got in some much enjoyed phaser and batleth practice cleansing DS9.

Isn’t it funny how it’s implied that the Enterprise was responsible for the Klingon tribble plague when Scotty beamed them over? That rascally engineer.

Otto’s right. Sisko gets no love!

Did anyone else notice the Temporal Agents’ names? Dulmer and Lucsly? They’re anagrams. I’ll leave it to you guys to figure out of what. :slight_smile:

And did anyone else notice that they cut the lines where Dax finally remembers where she knows McCoy from? That was a little annoying.

LMAO! I never saw this episode because I figured that they would just make a huge mess of a classic TOS episode, but hearing that quote makes me regret it :slight_smile:

Diceman: funny, funny episode, utterly worth watching. I downloaded the original and the DS9 episode earlier this month and watched them back to back.

Another good moment: Bashir flirting with his grandmother.

Anybody want to share why the hell Worf insisted those Romulan-looking impostors were supposedly authentic Klingons?

It’s a better episode than the original one it honored, in my opinion.

And Romulans? What?

This episode was one of the most humorous, most clever episodes of all time, Diceman. I recommend watching it on DVD. Now.

There weren’t any Romulans in this episode. :confused:

I thought they handled it very cleverly. Obviously, makeup art had progressed in the past 30 years, and they were faced with a “new” Klingon trying to explain why the “old” Klingons didn’t have brow ridges.

A scowl, an unwilling shrug, and a “We do not discuss it with outsiders” was brilliant. (Yes, we know there’s a difference, and we’re not going to explain it away. So there.)

It’s sort of like asking how the Heisenberg compensators on the transporters work?

They work very well. :smiley:

Hey, I never said anything about Romulans. I said, “Romulan-looking”. ST:TOS facial makeup never made much of an impression on me distinguishing Romulans and Klingons and such.

Okay, spill. I don’t remember where Dax knew McCoy from, and I thought Spike TV didn’t edit DS9 since it was already edited for syndication.

Well, Klingons are swarthy, slathered in what looks like vaseline, and typically sport beards. Romulans … aren’t and don’t. And they have pointed ears.

Well, the Romulans have the pointy ears, and the angled eyebrows, and I don’t they they have beards.

Their uniforms were different too.

You snuck that post in on me. Right as I hit enter, I got email notification of your post.

Emony, Dax’s third host, seduced him when they met at a gymnastics competition on Earth. She then remarked that he had “the hands of a surgeon” and that he should become a doctor.

Well, that’s a bit disconcerting, to know that Spike TV is editing the show even further.

I’m bummed now. :frowning:

All the more reason to buy the Season Sets. :smiley:

They’re literally the only things I’m asking for for my birthday and Christmas.

Dulmer and Lucsly together, or separate? I mean, is Dulmer its own anagram, or do Dulmer and Lucsly together make one anagram?

They’re both anagrams.

Uh, to be more precise, they’re both their own seperate anagrams.