Tribute to SO's--What's the sweetest thing he/she has ever done?


My husband is the sweetest guy on Earth IMHO. Usually on our anniversary, he gives me one red rose with daisies numbering the years we’ve been married. (Daisies were our wedding flowers. :slight_smile: )

One year, he couldn’t afford to buy me the usual bouquet because we were down on our luck. So instead, he spent hours after work making a construction paper bouquet. He made seven daisies and one red rose. Then he wrote me a long love letter reminiscing about all that we’d been through in our life together. Made me cry! sniffle

I know it doesn’t sound like much…a homemade card with paper flowers on it. But it meant the world to me and I will cherish it forever.

There are so many other things he’s done for me–both big and little–that I couldn’t list them all here. What is/are the sweetest thing(s) your SO has done for you that you will always remember?

My wife can be relied upon to give me a pipe every birthday that fits my taste. Ask any pipe collector how rare that is :slight_smile:

On our first Christmas, my wife went out and completed my run of “Howard the Duck” and the original “Swamp Thing” comics. All she couldn’t get was Howard #1, which was exhorbitantly expensive at the time, but she tracked down a reprint.

Gunslinger does lots of sweet little things for me. The one that most people notice (and say “aww, that’s so sweet!” when they do) is the keychain he gave me for our anniversary. He made it himself by changing the pictures in one of those little plastic-square keychains. I don’t know what it had in it originally, but now one side is a picture of a pair of chenille chickens I gave him way back when we were new (they look like they’re kissing in the picture), and the other side is a picture of him, so I can always have him with me even though we are 433 miles apart. (And since the keychain is on my little folding ID holder thing, and I carry the ID holder thing in my pocket all the time, he’s always in my pants. ;))

Mrs. Tranq stood up before the whole ship and sang Elvis tunes to me. That was the point where I knew just how much she loved me.


is one of many…


many years ago, my lovely wife threw me a surprise 30th birthday party AND bought me the compact OED. joy!

Awww… I’m a sucker for soppy stories.

My SO has given me flowers maybe three times in our relationship of 8+ years. he is not what most call a romantic. But once, he did something that was unintentional, and came from the heart, and really meant a lot to me…

We wrote our wedding ceremony together, and as he spoke the words, asking me to be his forever, a single tear slid down the side of his face.

I don’t care if I never get flowers again… :slight_smile:

Mind you, my brother thinks he was crying because he was witnessing the end of his life as he knew it…

but my brother can stick that opinion sideways :eek: [sub] oops, we’re not in the Pit[/sub]

She bought me tickets to go see Madonna in Philadelphia, and a return train ticket.

It was a hot date and a 15-year-old dream come true.

Found us a house big enough that my elderly parents can move in with us. That’s a big one, not only is she allowing it, whenever my mother says she’s afraid it might not be a good idea as it would be a big imposition on us, my wife tells her that she WANTS them to move in with us, that it will be nice to have them around.

Other sweet things she did…cleaned me up after I threw up and knocked myself unconscious slipping on my own vomit - earlier the same night she had been furious at me after catching me (drunkenly) saying bad things about her and our marriage - though she did say she saw dollar signs for a second after she saw my head hit the linoleum… 8^)

Also, bought me a Slayer CD. She HATES Slayer, won’t listen to them or let me listen to them in her presence but she bought me the CD anyway.

Oh yeah, talked me into getting a new computer when I was frustrated at the problems I was experiencing with the old one.

Yeah, she’s a real sweety.

smiles softly I think I can talk about this without crying, really.

My SO and I were just friends for a few months. We met online, him living in Australia and I in America, and chatted a lot about the game we both played and the message board we both frequented, plus his best friend in real life was one of my best online friends. A while into our chats, he was up at 5 a.m. (my 2 p.m.) at University, working on a project all night. I asked him if I should leave him alone to study and he replied, “Probably, but I’d rather you didn’t.” It made me blush.

A few weeks later I got a letter and a CD in the mail from him. We had exchanged addresses because he was supposed to be getting me a stuffed wombat. Anyway, I put the CD in the CD player before I even looked at the letter, being an avid music fan. I listened to it once, thought, “Wow, what great music!” It seemed like every song on there was either one of my old favourites, or a song that I’d never heard before but was destined to become a new favourite.

The CD hit repeat, and at about the fifth song I started to cry. I then opened the letter. The letter was long, and talked about each song and its significance about how he felt for me, or how he thought I viewed the world, or something he’d like to tell me. The letter ended with, “I think I love you, but until I can give you more than honesty and music, I’ll just be a friend who is here for you.”

The songs on the CD were:

  1. *Every Little Thing She Does is Magic - The Police
  2. *She’s So High - Tal Bachman
  3. *Killer Queen - Queen
  4. *Smooth - Rob Thomas/Santana
  5. *I Wanna Know What Love Is - Foreigner
  6. *The Logical Song - Supertramp
  7. Romeo & Juliet - Dire Straits
  8. *Here Comes the Sun - The Beatles
  9. *You’re Only Human (Second Wind) - Billy Joel
  10. Wishing it Was - Eagle-Eye Cherry/Santana
  11. *What About Me? - Moving Pictures
  12. *Hide in Your Shell - Supertramp
  13. *Everybody Hurts - REM
  14. *Livin’ Thing - Electric Light Orchestra
  15. Already Gone - Powderfinger
  16. *Patience - Guns ‘N’ Roses
  17. *There She Goes - Sixpence None the Richer
  18. The Sweetest Thing - U2

The * means they were songs that he felt he could sing every word to me and mean them - not necessarily about me, but about life. The others are there because they were good songs and some of their lyrics fit his feelings for me.

The side of the CD reads, “So you can never forget how wonderful you are.”

Two follow-up CDs have been sent to me since then, one with the incredible legend, “I’m so lost in you … I’m not sure I can ever stop loving you … If you don’t mind, I won’t”, but the first one is by far the most sentimental object I own. I had no idea how he felt for me until I got that CD. I can’t listen to it without crying, I can’t hear any of the songs on the radio without crying. It was just the sweetest and most wonderful thing anyone has ever done for me …

Damn, here I am crying again. I love him so much. sighs softly

My wife likes to eat biscuits(cookies) in bed and I often ribbed her about leaving crumbs, ‘leaving things in bed’ became something of a standing joke to the extent that if anything went missing, I’d suggest to her that she checked the bed first.

Anyway, we worked opposite shifts for quite a while; returning home one morning at 8am after having worked all night (and all of the day before), just in time to miss her (she had left for work at 7.30), I flopped into bed and cursed out loud in surprise as I found that I was lying on an enormous sheet of crinkly paper. On further examination, it turned out to be a huge note with just the words ‘I LOVE YOU’ in massive multicoloured letters.

…but I have to tell you this one too. :slight_smile:

 Our first daughter was born sick and spent a hard first week of her life in the hospital enduring test after test. She went through a spinal tap the very night of her birth! Because I had had a C-Section and had been "wet-tapped" by the anethesiologist during an epidural, I was laid up and could barely be upright long enough to hold my new baby. (For those who don't know, "wet-taps" cause a HUGE headache so you can't even sit upright without tremendous pain.) To make matters worse, the hospital was opening a new nursery during my recovery and the baby was moved way off down the hall from me. This made it very difficult for me to get up and go see her. My husband took a ***whole week*** off work and stayed in the hospital to take care of me and the baby until I got better. We couldn't afford it at the time, but he did it  anyway because, as he always says, "Some things are just more important."

 One day when I couldn't get out of bed, and he was in the nursery with the baby, the nurses informed him that they had to redo her IV because the vein where it had been had "blown." They advised him to leave the room so they could go ahead and get it over with. He said NO and that he was going to stay and hold her. The nurses all vehemently protested and pleaded with him to go.

One of them assured him, “You REALLY don’t want to see this, Sir. It’s really going to hurt her!”

To which he replied, "If she’s going to hurt, then dammit, I’m gonna hurt too!"

What a man.

I am overweight and very self-conscious about my appearance. I remember saying to my hubby that if it weren’t for him, no man would ever look at me, and a lot of other self-disparaging remarks. Understand, my husband would very much like me to lose the weight, mostly for my health and self-esteem, but he has never made any secret of the fact that he thinks I am beautiful (love is TRULY blind, at times!)the way I am. His reply to me was this: “They don’t know what you are inside and the special way you love me, and I’m glad they don’t, because you’re mine.” I TRIED not to cry, but it was the most wonderful thing he could have said–it told me that not only did he find me physically beautiful, but also that I was beautiful to him in the ways it counted most. That he loved me very much and was proud that I was his wife.

I guess you had to be there, but never a poet has come up with words that I found more touching and romantic. And yes, I cried like a baby! :slight_smile:

Flowers and candy are nice–but THIS is the true soul of romance.

Along the lines of what Mayflower said . . .

I had turned 30 and was musing aloud that I was going to have to get used to the fact that I was developing my mother’s body – no longer the semi-slender thing I once was. He told me that the only reason I should be concerned about losing weight was to be more healthy, not for him – that he loves me for who I am, not for the package I come in. He still calls me “babe” and means it, and gives me loving tushie rubs on my big fat ass.

Along other lines . . .

At my high school friend’s funeral, he told David’s parents (he’d never met either them or David) that he truly understood how they felt, having lost three of his own family members to cancer (which is what killed David) within five years. I had asked him to come along simply for my own support (and he did – he held me when I cried), but when he spoke of his own volition to my friend’s family, that really warmed my heart.

He is kind to children, old people, and baby animals. Grown-up animals too, for that matter!

One winter night we went to see a musician friend play. She was ill with the flu, however, and couldn’t finish her set. She was far enough away from home that she was planning to try to find a hotel room. After much persuasion, he got her to let him drive her to our house to spend the night. We loaded her instruments into the house and bundled her up on the couch. I had to leave early in the morning, but Mr. S fixed her up with some tea (she wasn’t hungry) and made sure she was OK to drive the two hours home. If she hadn’t been, he was planning to drive her home and have me pick him up (I was traveling in that direction that day).

OK, rereading the OP, I see this is supposed to be about things he’s done for me. Well, heck, that’s just everyday stuff. He waits on me when I’m sick, he makes sure my car is in good shape, he loves administering PDA, he supported me in every way when I decided to try self-employment, he makes me laugh, he loves me for who I really am, he makes my life richer. Every day at Chez Scarlett is romantic, but not in the stereotypical hearts-and-flowers way. Sure, he brought me a dozen roses (the first dozen he’d ever given anyone) for the 12th anniversary of the day we met. But he gives me virtual roses every day just by being in my life. I’ll take that over FTD. We got the real thing, baby.

Damn staight. A real man indeed.
[sub]This one got a tear.[/sub]

She jumped into the ocean for me.

Someday, I will probably have diabetes. This is a fact I accept begrudgingly, as I try to prevent it. It upsets me, having seen it kill my grandfather, and cause my father to have a sextuple bypass at age 50.

I was talking to my boyfriend a few months ago about the possible eventuality of having diabetes, and the sorrow I might have over not being able to wear sandals. (I know, it sounds petty, but I wasn’t stressing it as a major tragedy. I was just commenting.) My grandfather had to have both legs amputated because he didn’t take good enough care of them, and eventually it caught up with him.

I was driving as I was talking, and Jay reached over and hugged me. “If you ever have diabetes, I’ll rub your feet every night before you go to bed.” This really got to me. It was very sweet, and the first time he’d ever really admitted to wanting to be with me on a more permanent basis. That, and he thinks feet are gross. :slight_smile: I am so incredibly lucky to have him in my life.

Between reciting this story, and everyone else’s stories, I’m getting all teary.