Most Romantic Thing

Just a small survey…what’s the most romantic thing you’ve done for someone or that someone has done for you?

I got sent a computer picture of what I would look like as a cat. It sounds dumb, but I know what drawing program hes was using and it took a lot of time and effort. It’s in a frame on my desk.

My husband suggested my girls make a Shrinky-Dink by tracing my wallet photo with colored pencils and baking the plastic in the oven. It shrank into a charm. Not movie-lover romance, maybe, but family romance.

Several months ago, I went to a Bach concert with a guy with whom I’d had a long and complicated history- complicated enough that I assumed it wasn’t a date. (You can see where this is heading.) When he picked me up, he was ready with a big bouquet of flowers. It was the first time a guy had given me flowers. Later, after the concert and dinner, he confessed he’d asked me out because he wanted us to start over. I knew it was coming, but it didn’t make saying I wasn’t interested in doing that any easier. We had a long talk, at the end of which we had a long hug. In the middle of the hug, he told me that I gave the best hugs. Funny how the most romantic night I had was the night the romance ended. ::sigh::
Myrr21’s birthday thread for me was definitely something special. The longevity of it, the openness of it… it still makes me smile when I think about it.

¦:•) - It doesn’t sound dumb to me. When someone goes to that kind of effort, it’s very special. I know how hard it is to do that kind of thing, especially on older graphics programs.

Henbin - I’ve done that kind of thing, only I was shrinking potato chip bags and Dorito bags. I would usually make key chains out of them.

AudreyK - Romance is very confusing, and I know that all too well. Are you two still friends?

Well, I don’t know what things I’ve done would be considered all that romantic, but I definitely know what the most romantic thing that someone did for me was. I was meeting a close friend of mine to hang out. We saw each other and started walking to give each other a hug, and when we hugged she gave me a small bouquet of flowers and asked me to be her boyfriend. I had asked her before, but she didn’t feel ready then. She apologized for that, and we had a big long hug. That was one of the most special things that has happened to me…I still have the bouquet, dried out and sitting on my computer monitor as a momento.

This is going to sound really hokey, but my husband once took all my MIDI files from my computer and took them to work and put them all on CD for me! I can’t imagine how long that must’ve taken to transfer everything. (It filled 2 74 minute CDs.) He really surprises me sometimes.

VV-what a sweet and darling thing to do!~

you are a lucky lady

Gee, guys, don’t know what to tell you the most romantic thing my hubby has done is. He tells me he loves me 100 times a day. He tells everyone he knows–sometimes perfect strangers–how much he loves me and what a wonderful wife I am. Whenever he introduces me to someone, I usually hear something like “so this is that wonderful wife you were telling us about.” He leaves me love-notes on the white-board in the kitchen. He sends me flowers. He tells me his life didn’t begin until I entered it. When I sing, he gets tears in his eyes and tells me how beautiful my voice is. He puts up with my pets. (Believe me, that’s a big thing!)

What have I done for him? I’ve put love-notes in his lunch box. I brag on him. I buy him fishing equipment for birthday/Christmas/anniversary (he thinks that’s romantic.) I fix him his favorite meals. I give him foot massages. I put up with the expense of owning a boat.

I just can’t name one “most romantic thing” in 7 years together.

Yeah, kind of. I’ve only seen him a few of times since, but he always seems happy to see me. There is a slight distance that wasn’t there before, though, and that makes me sad. I don’t regret telling him no, but I hate what it’s done to the underlying friendship.

BTW, Monster, I liked that you kept the bouquet she gave you. There’s something sweet and sentimental about that. I kept a couple flowers from the bouquet he gave me that night and dried them. They’re in a photo album now.

TroubleAgain, that is so sweet! It’s relationships like yours that really restore my faith in love and romance.

I’ve done lots of stupid things that were semi-romantic. One of the sillest things I ever did was this: I took a raw egg, poked two small holes in either end and blew the insides of the egg out so the egg was hollow and then painted the egg and wrote I Love You on it and gave it to my boyfriend. This was when I was about 18-19 years old. Seemed kind of dumb but he enjoyed it.

I bought about 15 roses, and placed them throughout the apartment, one on the couch, one on the bed, in the fridge, in the bathroom, wherever I thought she may run into it. Each rose had its own card attached to it. Some of the messages on the card were “This is because I love your laugh” “This is for cleaning the apartment last week” “This is for when you smile at me” “This is just because”

She saved all the cards. I’m still trying to think of a way to top that one.

Well, the most romantic thing that I have done is something I did the other day. My boyfriend left today (a little less than an hour ago) to go to israel. I spent all week at school writing him notes. One for the airplane and one for every day that he will be gone (two months).

I don’t think anyone has done anything particularly romantic for me. I mean, it’s no one thing that makes you get that warm and fuzzy feeling. Sometimes it’s just everything put together.

This is really weird. I did the exact same thing!! My girlfriend was out of town for a weekend, and I had keys to her apartment, so I just filled the apartment with notes and roses and waited for the phone call…

However, I think the most romantic thing I ever did was on her birthday right after we’d started dating. She’d once mentioned she loves napoleons (a french pastry). We were going to a big swing dance in a ballroom in Chicago as part of her present, and I called dozens of bakeries until I found one that made napoleons and would save me some. She was completely surprised and delighted.

Whenever my wife and I take a trip, I always call ahead and have flowers waiting in the room. She likes this a lot.

Rachelle, I did something like that for my friends for easter, except after I hollowed out the eggs I put easter pictures on them and covered them oin glue til they were smooth and shiny, my friends loved them, I’m syre that at least one of them still has the egg, intact in her room.

I think one of the more romantic things that anyone has done for me was the gift my boyfriend gave me for our six month anniversary. I was realy surprised when I saw the big box the present was in, I had been joking with him earlier that I would be perfectly happy with an Eeyore stuffed animals, but those things are really expensive I would’ve felt a little bad if he had bought it for me. Instead I got the whole warm fuzzy I love you feelings from what he did get for me. He got me a gift for every month we had been together with a little note for why it was so special. It amazed me that he remembered all of that and could keep it straight. If I was a really emotional type of person I would’ve cried it was just so sweet. And for the sixth month he gave me a beanie buddy, I know it doesn’t reall sound very impressive but it was what really made me fall in love with him all over again.
You see a day before we had been going out for one month I was furious at him, I can’t even remember why, and my best friend and I were walking through the student store like we always do at lunch and as usual my best friend and I stopped to look at and coo over the beanie babies and beanie buddies. I feel in love with a reddish purplish tie dyed lizard and he bought it for me just spur of the moment random kindness. About a month before our 6 month anniversary my mother lost that lizard, that’s why it was so special that he bought me another one.
It might not seem like much but I love him for it. Although things don’t seem to be going all that great for us right now :frowning:


When I was starting to get to know my first husband, he drove the bus I took to work every morning. I used to sit and talk to him until the bus arrived at my work. One day he forgot his lunch, so I told him to watch the bus stop sign during the morning. During my morning break I bought him a package of potato chips and taped them to the bus stop sign. After that we left notes and presents to each other, taped to the bus stop sign.

I dated a man who sent my mother a thank you note on my birthday.
She still asks about him.
(And I’m still in touch!)

We’re getting a pretty good turnout here…surprisingly, there weren’t any posts about a candlelit dinner or something like that…

Keep 'em coming, folks!


A few years back I fell in love with a simply wonderful Danish girl who was backpacking around Australia. We hit it off and seized the day but time proved to be an unsurmountable enemy so with three weeks left on her visa we said goodbye so she could see those last places she wanted to. At the time I couldn’t get out of work because of a recent promotion, and I insisted she go so as not to be denied the last few weeks of sights just for me.

A very painful week-and-a-half pass. She calls, she writes, we miss each other. With eleven days left in the country she calls from Sydney (I’m at work on Sunday) and we chat. We catch up on everything and she tells me how, almost broke, she’s trying to get a lift to Melbourne (about 1000kms) for her flight. I look at the clock to see it reads 10.30pm. Something clicks. I tell her to be outside the Imax theatre in Darling Harbour in Sydney at 1pm tomorrow. Screw work - some things are far more important. I finish work, make two phone calls (one to a friend in Sydney and one to my boss to tell him I’ll be back in twelve days), grab a few hours sleep and then jump into the car to drive the 1000kms to Sydney so I can pick up the girl I love and drive another 1000kms to put her on a plane to take her 18,500kms away.

I arrived early as scheduled and met with the friends I called and set up. She arrives but, as planned doesn’t notice us set-up. My friend and I start playing our song (Throw Your Arms Around Me FYI) and I start singing. Lunchtime rush in the very busy Darling Harbour. I see a light, almost wistful smile dance on her lips as she recognises the song but she still hasn’t seen us. Then she frowns lightly and I think she recognised the voice at this stage and turns. For the rest of my days I’ll always remember those next few seconds as her face lit up.

Of course then she got a little embarrassed by the attention we were grabbing but she brushed that aside quickly enough. No insecurities probs for this girl.

Anyway I’m rambling on so I’ll simply summarise. What followed was a wonderful wander down to and through Melbourne. A fantastic day on the coast looking at the Twelve Apostles. Even an Aussie Rules football game.
And finally the inevitable farewell. I hadn’t cried like that in years and hope to never have to again.

Is that romantic? I don’t know. Some of my friends used the adjectives stupid and masochistic. But the words love and/or romance always bring to mind her smiling face on a busy Sydney lunchtime rush.

It’s a memory I’ll cherish - pain and all - forever.

dpr, thank you for posting that. Your story took my breath away, and I mean that, seriously. Is that the relationship you’ve alluded to before?