The most romantic thing....

Okay, Valentine’s Day is coming up. I really doubt that I’ll get any gift this year, as I am currently single. I have never received flowers, a love letter, or had anyone do anything for me that I would classify as remotely romantic. Since I am a glutton for punishment, I was wondering - what is the most romantic thing that someone has ever done for you?

One time I went out drinking with my brother, & I got tremendously wasted, & he had to drag me home (literally) & I lost my skirt and shoes & I passed out in the front yard on my mom’s favorite plant in a puddle of my own vomit. My dad took me to the hospital and they put a tube up my nose & catheterized me & put me in restraints so I wouldn’t fall out of bed. When I went home the next day, my BF had sent me this absolutely beautiful flower arrangement! (We were living in different cities then.) It was really nice to have something pretty to look at while I was steam-cleaning the barf out of my carpet, & the flowers also helped take my mind off how lousy I felt.

Well, I thought it was romantic.

Just last week my husband bought my Valentine’s present. He’s going to be away during Valentine’s day so we got each other’s present’s early. Well, we were walking through the store getting ideas for each other and we split into two small groups, my husband and our daughter went towards watches and myself and my son went into the jewelry department. I had already gotten my husband an expensive watch that he had been wanting for months so I was really just looking around and talking to my son who is three and never takes me seriously. SO I saw some pearls and I whispered to my son that when he grew up and was President he could buy Mommy a pair of pearls like that. My son looks at me and asks if I like them beads. I said yes Mommy has always liked pearls. Ever the little charmer he kisses my hand and tells me I would look lovely in them. So we walk on and soon run into my husband and daughter. He has a package in his hand and the biggest smile on his face. We stop for a drink and at the table my husband pulls out the pearls. He had been walking behind us to get an idea of what I might really want and heard the whole exchange. He put the pearls on me then kissed me and told me I looked lovely. I was thrilled, it was wonderful.
I should mention that my husband is normally the least romantic man in the world. Last Valentine’s Day he snuck around buying my gift then was shocked when I burst into tears over the blender he had bought me. Or there was the Christmas when he left the house and came back with a 4 inch gold dolphin on a chain that I refuse to wear to this day. He can be romantic though and he proved it this year. He’ll be gone four months and I think he just did it to make sure I behave while he’s gone.
Before marriage the most romantic thing a boyfriend ever did was bring me roses to my work. At the time I was only 17 and it jsut horrified me that he had done this at my work. ALl the other ladies I worked with were thrilled and I just didn’t understand why they were all teary and pushing me to go out to talk to him. After that year I had a dry spell with 8 Valentine’s alone and I suddenly knew why the ladies had been so excited for me. They wished it was them!
Happy Valentine’s Day everybody!

The first Valentines Day my husband and I celebrated occurred just a few months after we started dating. I’ve played piano since I was 6 and have always loved music, especially making it. I was living far from my hometown, by myself, and didn’t have a piano in my apartment. He knew I was really missing it so he bought me a guitar. He said that it was so I could always have music with me, even when I was traveling. It was so sweet and thoughtful.
He’s a pretty romantic guy, though.

Just a romantic guys two cents worth: I think the one my wife liked the best was a “Day at the Spa”. Five hours of her being pampered, massaged, facial, manicured, pedicure, complete with wine and food. Being a mother of two she always has someone wanting something and getting away like that for five hours she said was heaven.

I am usually the romantic one, writting poems and all that, but about four years ago I dated a guy who would surprise me with midnight pic-nics. It was wonderful to stare at the stars and share my dreams with him over a glass of wine. I highly suggest every man take his S/O on a little night voyage.

I don’t know if this is technically romantic, but it is really sweet. Around a week ago, when my school kicked me out for being nuts, my bf called me and he heard in my voice that I was upset. I didn’t even have to say anything. and without another word, he told me he would be over in 20 minutes. He was here in 15, and we stood ourside under the stars, with him just holding me and me crying into his chest. He stayed with me all night, keeping me warm, and kissing my tears away. it is things like that that make me love him so much.

As sappy as it is, my husband proposed on valentine’s Day. But he did it about 12 hours after we had exchanged our presents so I was surprised!

That pretty much wraps it up. I never seem to be involved with romantic men…

I’ve done romantic things for people on Valentine’s Day, never had anyone do anything for me though. That’s fairly typical, being a guy.

I still don’t know what I’m doing for my wife, it depends on whether I get my back pay on my upcoming paycheck or not. It’s our first Valentine’s Day together, so I hope I can afford something nice.

The most romantic thing that someone has ever done for me is admit they had a bit of a crush on me… I’ve never had a relationship yet.


Actually, I guess the most romantic thing in my limited experience would be the time this race car driver died, and I was really shook up over it, and my male friend (about whom I had no feelings save friendship, but he later confessed to having a crush on me) showed up at the store I work at the next night with a bunch of flowers and a hug to make me feel better.

Romantic stuff… I like “no reason” surprises.

Two dozen pink and yellow roses because they matched the tigger balloon that he saw and knew was for me.

Walking into my room and finding a huge vase of daisies (happy flowers!!!) when I was really depressed.

Refusing to leave the hospital while I recovered from emergency surgery. Slept in a chair by my bed. I could only sleep when he was there.

Too bad he was a jerk.

The following phone convo:
“Where have you been, I’ve been calling for hours!”
“Um…the hospital…I got in an accident…”
“WHAT? Areyouokay,iseverythingokay,whathappenedI’llbethere inten”

He was too. Nothing big, I had broken my finger, but he was so concerned. He’d run into some totally unrelated part of my body and jump and start apologising for “hurting” me. The fact that I found that funny tells you how hurt I actually was. (Ha! Big scary men who fall apart when you get even slightly hurt are soooo cute.)

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