Valentine's Day did I do?

Ok y’all…tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and there’s a girl whom I work with which I am getting serious feelings for. These feelings are quite mutual from what she says, and I believe her. She has a boyfriend who isn’t treating her like a lady, and is on his way out the door in short order if things keep on the way they’ve been going for some time now (actually, I think things are beyond reconciliation between them at this point). We’ve been great friends for about six months, and have enjoyed getting to know each other. Lately, there’s been some serious flirting going on, and I can only speak for myself when I say I hope there’s more for us.

Here’s what I just did today. I left work early so I could make it to the florist before closing time. I bought a $40 bouquet with six red roses, a bunch of daisies (her fave), some other flowers which I don’t know the name of, etc etc. in a really cool glass vase. I also purchased one fake rose. I arranged the fake rose in with the real ones and grabbed a card that said “Thinking of You” and on that card I taped a sewing needle and wrote “…want to know what I’m thinking? Pop the balloon”.

Now I’m sure you’re wondering where all this balloon talk came from. Well, I sat down this evening after work and wrote her a poem cuz I know she likes poems. It took some work, but I think it’s a good one. Once it was written, I rolled it up and stuck it inside a balloon, inflated the balloon, and tied it. Here’s what the poem said:

I know just how much
you fancy a rhyme.
I’m far from a poet,
so this might take some time.
But my time is well spent,
if I spend it on you
'cuz you are quite special;
don’t deny it, it’s true!
I know you’re not mine,
and you may never be,
but some lucky nights,
you’re mine in my dreams.
No matter what happens
as our days pass us by,
know I’ll be your friend,
'till the last flower dies.

Of course, one of those flowers will never die cuz it’s fake :stuck_out_tongue:

I want your opinions (guys and girls) on if you think what I just did was a good thing or if I overstepped my bounds. Girls, would you appreciate a gift like this? Guys, what do you think?

Thanks you all :slight_smile: I sure hope I did something good :smiley:

I need to add that I went by the shop tonight at about 10pm, and placed all this on her desk so it’ll be the first thing she sees when she gets to work. She usually gets there before I do and I want it to be a surprise. It’d be worthless if she saw me carry it in :stuck_out_tongue:

Plus I wanted to give myself a bump…I do get a free one right? :wally

I’ll bite.

I think it’s okay, since you’ve already talked about your feelings and it doesn’t seem like it will an unpleasant shock to her. Giving her a mixed bouquet instead of straight roses was a good idea too. Your poem makes it clear that you will still value your friendship even if that’s as far as it goes.

One other thing If her current relationship founders, don’t rush in right away. Stay her friend until she’s had some time to really end it in her heart. Bad realtionships need a cooling off period or you’ll end up catching baggage from what he did to her. You don’t want to be a rebound either. Let her know you’ll be there when she’s ready, but be a friend first.

Good luck!

Ditto what** Zoogirl ** said.

Being a romantic, I would love to receive something like that. If I were in a troubled relationship, I’d immediately dump the loser.

Let us know how it plays.

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Well, best of luck man… but I’d say probably 90% of these don’t go well.

I think that you made a jolly romantic gesture. :slight_smile:

I’m just nervous about the boyfriend. Is he really out of the picture? Does he know what you’re doing?

Hope things go well.

That seems like a very sweet gesture and I think I would be flattered if a guy I was friends with did that for me.

Hope it has the effect you’re hoping for. :slight_smile:

That was very sweet.

Do you have a reaction to it yet?

Okay…so what was her reaction?

I think LiQUiDBuD might be busy getting some in the supply room. :wink:

I suspect LiquidBud is getting a stern talking to about appropriate work place behavior and probably a “how could you be so clueless” talk from the object of his desire.

As a incurable romantic, I’d love to get something like that.

As a incurable romantic, I’d love to get something like that.
Anything would be better than what I’m getting today…nothing…

Well, heck, yes it is certainly too late now, and I don’thave your address, and it would be extremely inappropriate to anyway, and I just blew $50 bucks plus tax for my wife…dang I hate it anyway.

I’ve been reading your posts, and I know you are genuine, so for all the stuff that is, would you please allow me to give you a valentine? I ain’t musch onpoetry, but here’s my best effort, Amazon Floozy Goddess for a heartfelt bouquest of (virtual) flowers for you:

Seasons come;
and they go.

Friends check in
and they check out.

But we’ll be friends, AFG,
through thin and stout,
Friends checking in or friends checkng out!!!

Happy Valentine’s Day! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Well I’ve kept you all waiting quite long enough :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

The reaction was absolutely incredible! She loved it. She loved it so much so, that she snuck up behind me near the end of the day, and surprised me with a few long slow kisses. Mmmmmm…just what I needed and have been waiting for :cool:

Needless to say, it touched her heart, and that was the whole idea. And I guess I don’t need to tell you all that is was a wonderful day :slight_smile: Can’t wait to go to work tomorrow!! Wooohoooooo

I’m glad that she liked the present! I hope she gets things settled with her boyfriend before this goes any farther though.

I hope she realized that one of the flowers is fake. :wink:

Why thank ye much! :slight_smile: