Worst Valentines Gifts

Yes dopers, tomorrow is Valentine’s day. Some of us will spend it alone while you happy loving couples will spend it in romantic bliss.

To make us feel better, tell us about the worst gifts you have received on Valentine’s Day.

From an ex, I got some ugly fake gold jewelery and at some point he was going to ask me to marry him with his ex- fiance’s engagement ring!! :smack: :eek:
I gave the jewelry back before I even put it on.

Lame-o roses from a guy who:

  1. Always made a fuss if I didn’t get him an appropriate gift.
  2. Knew that I hated roses.
  3. Pouted because he “had” to get me a V-Day gift.

Total ass.

FWIW, I got him a hammer and a bunch of chocolate. He LOOOOVED it, as he had been moaning about not having a good hammer. I spent an hour in the Home Depot having a dude help me choose a good one. And I got stupid ugly roses. Ass.

My friend got a Bratz doll pencil can with hearts on it from his girlfriend at work.
Now what the hell does he do with it? If he puts it out front on his executive desk he looks like a nut job. He tried to get away with putting on a prominent shelf behind his desk and got grief from his girlfriend.

Can’t he bring it home and do something with it there? Isn’t there some way to it could decorate the home office (or the home office circular file?)

My first real boyfriend in high school gave me a Winnie the Pooh plush keychain and a vanilla scented candle. I had no use for a plush keychain and I lived at home where my father is allergic to any scented stuff (which the guy knew). I wound up getting rid of the gifts (and the boyfriend) a week later.

Why would you give a man such an annoying tacky thing???

Silk boxers with hearts on them. Multiple times*. I thought my wife would notice a drawer full of silk boxers with the tags on them that had never been worn and would quit buying them.

*Not only Valentine’s Day, I received themed silk boxers for Father’s Day, my birthday and Christmas. We have now come to an agreement, no more holiday themed gifts.

My first husband (while we were dating) gave me a rake. A yard rake. Granted, it did have a red handle. I should have bolted right then when he told me “Gee - my mom would have liked it.”


My roommate’s boyfriend thought they would go out to dinner. His plan?


She was not pleased last year, and dreads what tomorrow holds.

Dude, he could at least have gone to In N Out. It’s just a bridge over!

No kidding, those Bratz things are for annoying pre-teen girls. I’d vote for dumping her, especially for being a bitch about him not displaying it.

A friend of mine once got The Rocky Horror Picture Show for Valentines day. He knew she wasn’t a big fan of it (she liked a couple songs from it, that was it,) but he got it anyway. The worst part? This was in 2003, and he got her a VHS copy…a used VHS copy. I’m fairly certain he forgot it was V-day, and on the way to see her passed by a Blockbuster and grabbed the first thing he saw in the used bin or something.

To assert your power over him.

Worst V-day gift I got was earrings. They were pretty and all, but I didn’t have pierced ears. You’d think with the time he’d spent nuzzling my ears :wink: , he’d have figured out that earrings were a bad idea. My sister liked the earrings, though. And the BF soon became the ex-BF. Unrelated to the earrings, but that was a harbinger.

Pal of mine gave his GF a picture of himself in a heart shaped frame.

She dumped him 2 days later

At least it wasn’t a hoe.


Gift that was good for one person (AFAIK), bad for quite a few others:

Pittsburgh Dopers might remember the year that a guy rented a billboard to propose to his SO. Thing is, they both had generic names, like, say, Ann and Tom. So on 2/14, the billboard goes up proclaiming, “Ann, will you marry me? Love, Tom.”

Great, except there were about five other, rather bewildered, Ann & Toms. And at least one case in which Ann was Tom’s ex-GF, or Tom was Ann’s ex-BF, or perhaps both–Moral of the story is, don’t propose by proxy without some identifying info. Or unless one or both of you has a unique name.

A frying pan. I will say it was a nice frying pan, and I would have been happy to get it on some random Tuesday, but not on V-Day.

Man, I must have a *whole *host of things wrong with me: I give *way *better gifts than all these and am still single… :confused: :slight_smile:

I guess I’m strange – I don’t care about Valentine’s Day at all. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten any kind of a Valentine’s Day present that I can remember, except for the occasional card, or heart-shaped box of chocolates, or bouquet of flowers. Certainly I’ve never gotten a real present such as jewelry or anything. We’re just not ‘gifty’ at my house, I guess. I know I won’t get anything this year, since my husband is in Utah on a business trip.

Anyway, I do have a second-hand contender for a bad V-day gift. A girl I worked with years ago had a clueless boyfriend who gave her a Jenny Craig membership for Valentine’s day! She’d been bitching she needed to lose weight and he just thought that would be a good gift. Poor dumb bastard. And, to add insult to injury, he had the bright idea to put the membership paperwork in a heart-shaped candy box. So he got yelled at twice, once before she opened it (for buying her candy when he “knew” she was trying to lose weight) and then again when she opened the box. Poor, poor dumb bastard.

It was a good Valentine’s Day for those of us who worked with them, though. Because the boyfriend presented her with the gift in our breakroom and we all got to stand around in the hall outside and listen to the fallout. Better than theater!