What did you get for Valentine's Day?

My wife gave me a box of her favorite chocolates. I am borderline overweight and on a proprietary diet prescribed by my PCP that, oddly enough, does not allow consumption of chocolate.

She did allow, though, that she would “help” me.

That is true love.

Actually, it sounds an awful lot like something I would have done not so many Valentine’s Days ago.

And anyway, it made me laugh and I’ll remember that gift forever.

I gave Drachillix a box of chocolate covered cherries, which I loathe. Also a gift card to a computer store. He gave me a red satin chemise, white roses and chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate.

A low-cal V-day for me. I got a card and my husband home from his month-long trip to Germany. W00t!

I got a box of chocolates from Airman. And a trip to Chocolate World in Hershey, which is where we got them.

I knew there was a reason I love him. :slight_smile:


Nothing. Me and the boyf decided long ago that we don’t do Valentine’s Day.

Then, on Sunday I found a special edition import of Kid A (Radiohead), and he bought it for me. I think I prefer that to chocolates on some predefined day.

A bunch of Larry Niven books. (Yes, she cares about me…:wink: )

I got a bunch of flowers and a box of chocolates. Simple and nice and greatly appreciated. Cracked me up, too, because he knows he’s gonna be the only one eating the chocolates!!

I got a coffee table.

I know it doesn’t sound romantic, but I’ve wanted a particular one for some time, and it’s been out of our budget. I found it on a super duper sale, and told the WryGuy we needed to get it now. He agreed, and said that would be our Valentine to one another. The next morning he left an extremely silly Valentine card on it for me that perfectly summed up our relationship:

“We’re weird, but it works.”

Leechboy got me the Eminem single ‘Lose Yourself’ because Bubbaleechie enjoys it and DVD of The Bandit Queen. In return he got a roast dinner AND sex :slight_smile:

I got dinner, a box of chocolates, a brushed silver ring, and a pewter pendant on a multiple strand wire chain.

The last two were picked up in Norway, and kept hidden from me for the better part of a week, with quite a bit of “Gee Honey, I don’t think I’ll have time to get you anything.” thrown in, just to make my surprise at dinner complete.

I have a very sweet man. Totally duplicitious, but sweet, nonetheless. :slight_smile:

I didnt get a god damned thing!

We’ve only been together about 3 months, and I don’t much care about V. Day (a commercial racket). We talked about Christmas in advance, and my birthday (12/31), which is important to me, but didn’t talk about V. Day at all. I sent him one of the handmade valentines I made for the Doper exchange and baked him some cookies – he got me a pineapple. It was the exact right thing to do.

I got my favorite chocolate covered cherries with the liquid center

We both got lots and lots of kisses and orgasms.

It was a pretty good day.

I got a hand made teddy bear and a card from my 10 yo niece. How cute is that?

I got 2 Southpark DVDs and a box of Chocolate truffles from my girlfriend. I bought her a neclace that I saw in the back of Smithsonian Magazine (the one with the two dolphins formed into a heart shape. I bought her daughter a necklace that was marked down from 285$ to $185 and then was on special for $99.
When we looked at it we deemed it was too nice to give to a 13YR old and will probably end up giving it to her for her 8th grade graduation.

Well, I went up to visit him the night before, woke up in the morning wrapped up in his arms. He then treated me to a champagne three course breakfast, which he made himself, and chocolate truffles in a box made out of solid chocolate. :smiley: We’d decided tha twe wouldn’t go out to dinner that evening, as everything would be hideously overpriced, but he treated me to a very nice restaurant on Sunday evening, where we dined surrounded by most of the Irish rugby squad, who were very happy, just having beaten Scotland.

Same thing I get every Valentine’s Day.

Absolutely nothing, unless you count mononucleosis.

I made out with a hot girl I that I’m trying to have sex with. We were outside in the freezing cold in a snow storm, so unfortunately it couldn’t go any further (we were going outside to smoke). It tasted like cigarettes! Mmmmmmmmmm . . . it was sooo romantic. Especially because we were so drunk that I almost fell over.

A playstation 2!

I had begged for a few weeks and convinced him that buying each other a ps2 was the most romantic thing to do, but I’m not as sure about it now. I was excited about it because I had wanted to play ‘GTA - Vice City’ very much, but I found that it was more fun to watch him play it, as opposed to actually playing it myself which is a bit of a let down.

I think I’m spoiled by playing ‘No One Lives Forever’ as the aiming in that game, especially with the sniper rifle, makes killing the bad guys very precise, (expecially now that I have fluffy bunny slippers and can sneak up behind them to knock them out - fun!). With GTA I found myself having difficulty turning to face the people trying to beat me up and shooting trees and buildings more than thugs. Maybe you get better at it?

All in all it was fun hanging out on Friday…eating pizza and drinking too much diet coke while trying to get the s.o. to stop running down innocent pedestrians, so I’m not complaining :slight_smile:

I got a trip to Montreal for the weekend. Unfortunately I got sick on the train up, and totally ruined our weekend. Well, ok, my husband says it isn’t ruined, because I got better, we had a nice relaxing swim, went to a bunch of used bookstores, and saw Montreal’s chinatown, so it wasn’t a total loss. :slight_smile: