What Did You Get Your Honey?

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow. You did remember that, right?

What’d you get your honeylamb? How are you showing your sweet that you love him or her?

SO is getting a first edition of “Lady Chatterley’s Lover” and a pair of amythist earrings. Dinner and dancing if we don’t get the ice storm that is lurking on the horizon.

Like all good dorks, my husband is a huge Simpsons fan. So he got a Moe’s Tavern bowling shirt along with his subscription to Gourmet magazine.

A geek that cooks. I scored, dude.

He works on Vday night, but I’m popping over there to take him out for a drink or two when he gets done.

A card and a card game.

Sounds cheap, but we’re saving for our trip to England in March, which is in honor of our tenth anniversary, so there!

I got my sweetie a windshield bag for her motorcycle.

Yeah, I know…I can’t help myself sometimes.

I’m taking her to McDonalds and she can get any two items from the dollar menu.


I got him a plant for his office. It’s a pothos, or whatever those stupid hard-to-kill things are called, and it’s stapled to a board so that it grows up before it starts trailing. Also a pot to put it in. And a card.

Uh-oh. I’m in deep shit.

A card, a box of chocolates, 2 pair of Looney Tunes Boxer shorts, and a car stereo.

Yep, I know how to keep the hubby happy.

Mr. Winnie & I aren’t exchanging gifts. Just a nice dinner out at a fun little jazz place in Northern VA and we made each other mix cd’s. I know, very high school, but we really love music and decided against purchasing anything :slight_smile:

I can’t say at the moment… he’s a Doper, and even though he hasn’t been reading the Board much lately, I can’t take the chance that he reads it within the next 36 hours.

So I’ll tell y’all when I’ve given it to him.

(Though I can tell I’m getting the better end of the deal with this one. We’re talking he’s making me stay in the computer room with a glass of wine, a blindfold and good music while he gets things ready. It makes me feel cheesy… but he knows I’ll be VERY appreciative for whatever he does for me. ;))

I can’t say since Rico might read this thread. What I will say is

grumble %#&# mail-order %&# not here yet ##&% what if it doesn't get here by tomorrow???? I'll be #*$% grumble

:: sigh ::

DC Comics’ Big Book of Freaks. Nothing says “I love you” like some freaks! At least in our house.

:: doing the happy dance ::

it’s here… weeeeeeeeeeeeeee

We’re treating tomorrow like any other Super Hero Movie Opening Day.
Going out for dinner, maybe thai, maybe Subway, anywhere that won’t be packed.
Then we’re going to see Daredevil cuz we’re both comic fans.
Afterwards, we might hit up an after-show cast party my friend is throwing.

Hey, it’s never too late to say I Love You with a big mac, number one meal!

Make it up to her and throw in a milkshake!

The second season of Babylon 5 is not out on DVD until May, so I dunno.

A bottle of nice brandy. At least I hope it’s nice. And a card.

I haven’t gotten jeremy evil anything yet. I’ll send him multiple e-cards tomorrow from work, and pick up some roses on the way home.

I can get away with this because I’m taking him out to an expensive restaurant - one we’ve been wanting to go to for quite a while. :slight_smile:

I am a bad girlfriend. I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day (won’t get into the numerous reasons), so I told my boyfriend from the start that I would NOT be getting him anything and I didn’t want him to get me anything. Now I’m feeling kind of bad that he won’t have something to open tomorrow (we’re long-distance). However, he is going to be here to visit me next week, so I told him that I would take him out to dinner to make up for me being a Valentine’s Day Scrooge.



And some more stuff too.

I’m flying off tomorrow to visit her.

:smiley: :cool: :smiley: