Trick or Treat 2018

Well, we are 30 minutes into the 3 hour window for kids to Trick or Treat. I just had my first two.

We live in a neighborhood that has lots of kids and it is very safe and no traffic to speak of. It is always a crap shoot on how many we will get though. The low I think was 15, and the high was a couple hundred or more. We always buy lots of candy just in case. Usually we have tons left over but one year I had to run out and get more (not easy to find on Halloween night).

So, what is your Trick or Treat experience?

That we don’t have windows. Kids usually start around 6:00 and finish whenever.

Last year was the first time in this place; we had like 8 kids. It’s cold, damp and rainy tonight. I don’t expect much more.

In the twelve years I’ve lived in my current apartment I’ve never gotten a single knock. After the second year of nothing I stopped putting Halloween decorations in the windows though. I haven’t even bought candy for years.

However my parents, who live in a proper neighborhood not far away, do reasonable business I gather. I don’t know the precise numbers though.

We’re at 27 so far. Still an hour and a half for the official hours. If I have left overs I’ll leave the porch lights on and feed the teens who come dressed as “a high school student.”

Surprisingly, we haven’t had anyone yet. Kids tend to travel in big groups in our neighborhood, so that could.change in a heartbeat.

We’re at a lull right now… the little kids were out early, and the older ones will probably come soon once it gets a bit darker.

We’ve lived here for 24 years and the neighborhood has flipped over several times. The end of the culdesac from my house down is mostly people like us who’s kids have are college aged or older so we may not get as many teens as we did when our kids were the same age. They tend to go to their friend’s houses.

Called it… the first two Trick or Treaters that were taller than me just came.

We don’t have trick or treaters here. There’s no sidewalks, no streetlights and lots of space between houses, so not worth it.

Well, I don’t know if last year was an aberration (8 kids) or this year is (40 and counting) but there won’t be many leftovers for me. :frowning:

They do a trick or treat thing for kids at work. The young kids. I work in the same county building that houses the main library. I think it’s tied together. I thought the Superman that needed his teddy bear was pretty cute.

In 26 years at my house, I’ve never had one, we are the only full time residents on the road. Trick or treat is more of a suburban/city thing.

the complex I live in is mainly older people and I don’t think I’ve seen any kids around here for months. so it’s not the done thing, I guess.

Still only 6; it’s an off year so.far.

Tally at the end of the official time… 50. So, about average. I have a Ring doorbell so I was able to show my wife who had to work late the cute little kids that came early.

We’re new to this neighborhood. There are two kids next door and three across the street. I think there are a few more nearby.

So far the two from next door have stopped by. That’s all.

What in the world can I do with three jumbo bags of Reese’s cups? :smiley:

(The actual answer is that my wife will take most of them to school tomorrow. :mad:)

I had around 30. First, there were only 8. That was in the span of about 1 1/2 hours. Then, I went inside, but left the porch light on. There was someone, in a truck, that had a slew of kids. Around 20, or so, of them. They wiped out the real candy (Candy bars), and the most part of the other candy. Then, I turned off the porch light. It was DARK out there, too. No light, whatsoever. A little while later, there was an incessant knocking at the door. I answered it. It was one little girl, with two bags, wanting candy. All that were left, were a few Jolly Ranchers. Three, maybe. I gave them to her. She asked for more. Good grief. I sent her on her way, and ended up turning off the kitchen lights, and the living room lights. There are still 15 minutes remaining, for Trick or Treat. It was from 6pm - 9pm. I’m not answering the door anymore, tonight.

This is the first place in decades where Trick-or-Treaters come, mainly because I’ve lived in apartment buildings with secured doors. Here, we get around 50 kids each year, despite all the steps they have to climb to get here. So far, I’ve had 5 but the night is early.

I wish the Big Crow would get home soon. I’m nursing a bum knee and it takes time to get to the door.

We had roughly 100 kids, mostly pre-teens (and pre-pre-teens). All polite, some really good costumes, some parents had costumes, too: Dash Parr knocked while Bob and Helen waited at the end of the driveway. I just had to take Bob some candy, too–you think I’m gonna let Mr. Incredible pass my house without refreshments? A nice dinosaur costume, a young Jack Sparrow, Kylo Ren made an appearance, a 7-year-old Grim Reaper (his scythe was twice his height), tons of fairies and princesses. And Deadpool. A bunch of cuties, all around.

This was cool: the entire neighborhood is apparently on Facebook and coordinated a start time–6:00PM on the dot. Done by 8:15-ish. We only had about a dozen bite-size Snickers left over, if one more ToTer had shown, they would have had the rest.

A really sweet experience.

We went through about 300 pieces of candy between 6 pm and 7:45, which is pretty typical. Best costume of the night: a kid dressed as an aviator (flight jacket, helmet with goggles, etc) and wearing his airplane, which was made of cardboard and had flashing LEDs up and down the wings. It was really well done.

We’ve lived on a busy street with no sidewalks and a 200 foot driveway. We haven’t had any kids for years. We no longer put the light on. We used to get some 30 years ago when our son was the age to go and his friends in the area came because we always gave full sized candy bars.

My kids got to trick or treat without bundling up for the first time, as we’re visiting my in-laws in South Florida right now. Back home in Michigan wasn’t too bad from what I could tell (50s). My father-in-law said they got about 140 tonight.

We live on a country road so we don’t get any kids at our house, and we have to go to my mom’s house in a subdivision to get our trick or treating done every other year.