Tried using PayPal with temporary code. Works great

I decided Door Dash sounded like a plan for tonight’s dinner. I don’t have my cc entered with them. I’ve been using PayPal. Entering my password still worries me.

I noticed tonight Paypal offers a temporary security code by text. Works great. It’s short and easy to enter. Expires in ten minutes.

I wish the cc offered this feature. I’ve had my number hijacked twice in the past three years. Bastards charged 4k before I caught it last time. Thankfully the bank reversed the charges. I had two $900 charges from cash Apps and nearly 25 small charges. I’ve never used a cash App before and never want too.

First I’ve heard of this.

Can you explain to this naif (me) why you are worried about entering your Paypal password. Was it your credit card number hijacked twice before? And you believe that it was done by someone somehow capturing your password from Paypal? Are you entering it while using a public wi-fi connection or something?

I’ve had my credit card number hijacked but never through Paypal (it was before I ever used Paypal). I would just like to understand how that might happen. Thanks.

My credit card got compromised through normal use. I’m not sure if a keylogger did it or one of the big companies records got hacked. That’s what makes it so scary. I’ve gotten very paranoid about running security scans, clearing my browser cache, and rebooting before entering a cc. Does it help? I dunno what else to do.

Papal seems more secure. Email lets me know when it’s used. The temporary security code makes it even safer. I’m thankful they started offering that feature.

I think a lot of the credit card issuers offer single-use card numbers. So if you’re ordering from a dodgy online vendor or something like a gym known for being hard to unsubscribe, the card number simply doesn’t work more than once.

I wish they still did. They used to do this a couple years ago. Most places have stopped offering it.

I have considered buying a prepaid credit card. It does cost service fees. The risk is minimized to whatever balance is available.

It would be good for small purchases. I wouldn’t keep more than $150 prepaid on the card. That means refilling it regularly. I need to check reviews for a card with reasonable fees.

That’s a good option if you don’t mind giving identifying information since you have to register it. Most places, like streaming services or other recurring services, don’t accept prepaid cards that aren’t refillable and don’t require registration like VISA, Mastercard and Amex gift cards.