Tried your cold-brewed coffee method, Chefguy (slurp)

I was craving some Vietnamese iced coffee today, but of all the Vietnamese coffee places I know, none make decaf. Then I remembered your tip on steeping coffee all day in cold water, and I decided to use that method to make myself some decaf iced coffee. Went to Peet’s and had them grind me up some of their house special decaf, stirred it into a bowl of cold water (I forgot the proportions - I just mixed it good ‘n’ strong on the theory I could dilute it later), and let it sit all day. Then I filtered it through a sieve lined with paper towels, and the results were wonderful.

I am at this moment finishing a big tall frosty glass of strong iced decaf coffee, well sweetened with Splenda. It was every bit as luscious as the local Vietnamese version, and it was not a bit bitter or acidic. The fact that I drink it decaf and with Splenda also means I can have a huge glassful of it and not wig out on caffeine and sugar, too.

Thanks for the great tip, Chefguy. This stuff makes killer iced coffee, folks.

ETA: yeesh, I hope it was Chefguy who posted that tip originally. I’ve been unable to find the original thread, and was positive it was him. Apologies if I’m remembering incorrectly.

You inspired me to try that method with loose tea, so I just put some Jasmine Green tea leaves in a pitcher of water to steep in the sun on the patio. :slight_smile:

FYI, yes, it was Chefguy.