Teach me to make cold-brewed iced coffee.

I just read an infuriating article in the New York Times that praises the taste of cold-brewed iced coffee. I’m eager to give it a try, but – here’s the frustrating part – the author describes the preparation instructions in such vague terms that it’s impossible to know how to make the stuff right on the first try.

How much coffee? How much water? Why do you need the strainer at all – I mean, won’t the filter alone do the trick?

Anyway, enough of my whining. Surely someone out there in Doperland can supply me with precise directions for making this simple beverage.

Thanks all, in advance.

I agree that the article was vague to the point of near smarmy-ness.
I’ve never made my own, but found this: how to brew your own . Looks relatively easy.

Because I am bored.

I started a batch 10 minutes ago. About 1/2 cup coffee 2 cup water. We’ll see.

What I would like to find is a good frappuccino recipe.

Ok, I tried some this evening. I poured the sludge through a coffee filter and mixed it half and half with milk. It was pretty good, mellow, hardly bitter, reminded me a bit of coffee ice cream. I’ll try leaving some overnight tonight and see how it works in the morning.

How long did you leave it the first time? I may have to try this, if it’s really as easy as it sounds.

It worked with a paper filter?

I don’t have a fine mesh strainer and would probably have to drive 40 miles to find one.

Try putting some vanilla extract or flavoring in the coffee.

I came in here to recommend the Toddy maker referenced in this article, but his method seems just as good and much cheaper.

A friend of mine always uses a medium roast Ethiopian Yirgacheffe in her Toddy maker. It’s got a really delicate chocolate taste when cold-brewed. The flavor is a little more complex than just putting chocolate syrup in your coffee, and of course, it’s less calories.

Maybe four hours. It seems a little better this morning after an overnight steep, but maybe it’s just ‘cause its morning and I’m drinkin’ my coffee, and it’s real good to drink coffee in the morning.

Yeah, just fine. Now I do have a mesh strainer, however I lined it with a paper filter, and strained it through that, so I wouldn’t have to clean the coffee grounds out of the strainer.

Ok, I’ll try that. I like me some vanilla iced coffee.

I made cold-brew for years. Best iced OR hot coffee I ever had. I need to find my toddy maker and start again. Best thing: I can justify buying expensive and flavored coffees because there is no waste.

Start here .

Place a reusable filter in the bottom of the tub, and a cork in the end hole.

Put a pound of extremely coarse-ground coffee in the toddy maker. Fill with cold water.

Let it sit for 24 hours.

Drain into carafe.

Cold: 1-2 oz. of toddy in your glass with whatever else you wish to add, then add ice and water to taste.

Hot: 1-2 oz. in your mug then fill with hot water. That’s it. And it’s real coffee. None of the instant taste.

You’ll thank me later.

Wow, I’ll have to try this. I like my coffee like I like my women: cold and bitter.

I tried this last night, and the coffee is very nice. Mellow and smooth–it’s almost too mellow, because it’s too easy to drink, and it’s not good if I overdo the caffeine.

I used half a cup of coffee, ground fine, with four cups of water, and I let it sit about 12 hours at room temperature. I did the French press method with two coffee filters over the press filter. A little milk, sugar, and vanilla, and I had an excellent cup of coffee. This might save me some money at the coffee shop.

I had a coffee toddy, but I didn’t use it much because I didn’t need that much coffee and it was hard to figure out how much water to use if you want to make less. The press method is more flexible.

I also like my coffee like I like my women. Tied up in a burlap sack and slung over the back of a donkey.

I keed, I keed! Really!

Darn you people all to heck!

I made cold-brewed iced coffee today, and it was incredible. I have another batch going now for tomorrow.

And when I have to go into rehab for my coffee habit – and I will – I will blame all of you.

decaf, my friends, decaf.

We don’t have a coffee habit at home. When we sleep at my in-laws beach house, there is always leftover coffee from breakfast. I just fill the glass with ice and pour 3 parts of milk on it.

On occasion, I make a gallon at home. I just use instant decaf (my apologies to the purists) in the amount given on the label (you are making 16 cups). A splash of vanilla extract and a ridiculously small amount of sugar (I follow the don’t drink calories theory, but just a bit enhances the flavour of it big time). It makes a great break from the iced tea / lemonade cycle.

Actually, the recipe is on the left, directly under the picture.

I made up a batch using Caribou’s Kenya AA this weekend, and “meh”. It was good and all, but not notably better than our normal hot-brewed. I’m still not sure if it’s because of the quality of the beans (excellent), the sophistication of my palate (dubious), or our normal coffeemaker, which doesn’t have a heating element under the pot (which increases bitterness).

I made some too. I used Starbuck’s Verona and bottled water, in my lemonade pitcher. I don’t have a press so I filtered it through a paper filter and the gizmo from my coffee maker.

Stirred it up with a little sugar and some liquid Coffeemate. It’s yummy, but I should have diluted it with more water. Two sips and I’m wired!

I feel like an environmentalist. Coffee, without using electricity. :slight_smile:

With a spoon stuck in her?