Teach me to make cold-brewed iced coffee.

Well, wudduya know – you are right!

Thanks for pointing out my oversight.

I just mixed my cold-brew with milk (half coffee, half milk), and it’s darn close to the bottled Starbuck’s product. If I had used cream or half & half, it might get even closer.

I can’t wait to try this with some flavored coffees.

According to my bf that works at Starbucks, you just mix frappucino powder with water, and then blend with ice.


I tried this last night. I “brewed” for about 4 hours then strained twice and put it in the fridge. I gave a quick taste this morning, it tastes pretty strong. I definitely like my coffee sweet and light so it was hard for me to tell if straight up black coffee is good. I’ll probably use this for some iced coffee. I just wondered if the result was supposed to be really dark, mine is dark like a regular brewed coffee but not really dark. Does that just depend on how long you brew it?

I did the same and it was very tasty. However after two glasses i thought my heart was gonna bounce itself right thru my ribcage. Whew! I haven’t been that jicked in quite some time. Anyone sensitive to caffiene should probably be careful.

I just found a frappuccino recipe on Consumerist. I think it’s supposed to be like bottled frappuccino, not the kind you’d get at Starbucks. I haven’t tried it yet, so I don’t know how accurate the measurements are–it sounds like a lot of sugar, but that’s okay if you like it sweet.

Almost Frappuccino
(by volume)
50% Espresso*
25% Sugar
25% Whole milk
pectin to thicken

Pectin is a thickener used in fruit canning, and is the key to duplicating the texture.

*Poor-mans-espresso can be made by running coffee through your automatic coffee machine two or three times.

If you want something iced or blended, they have more recipes here.