Trilby's Last Song: Marian Marsh dead at 93

Marian Marsh, one of the last of the early-talkie stars, has died, according to today’s NYT (she was kinda overshadowed by Jack Palance).

Here’sa photo of her, to jog your memory.

Sad. Just watched *Svengali *again recently. What a weird movie, especially when you double-feature it with Rasputin and the Empress, as I did. Those Barrymores.


Just bought and watched a DVD of The Black Room a week or so ago (one of the 4 films in the Boris Karloff Icons of Horror Collection) and Marian was all kinds of hot in it.

If I remember correctly, Rasputin and the Empress actually lasts longer than the Russian Revolution itself did, yes?

Marian was quite charming in early '30s movies like Beauty and the Boss and Under Eighteen. Here’s something interesting from her IMDB bio:

Eve, who gave her the name “Marian Marsh”? It’s so melodious somehow…

Looks like I’ll be making a trip to my Netflix queue next.

Goody. I want to check her, uh, it, out. Another in the too-long “why isn’t it on DVD yet” list is Beauty and the Boss, when she was 18. If she’s not quite hot enough to melt the celluloid, she is inspiringly cute and charming. The rest of the cast – like Charles Butterworth – has lots of fun too.

She doesn’t do much in Whoopee!, but she is sweet 16 and in (2-strip) Technicolor. A good movie, and watching “Stetson” many times may be one of the less effective ways to avoid thinking about underage women.

I’d forgotten she was in Whoopee! I’m always too busy watching adorable Betty Grable, who was, what, five or six years old?