Triumph a CSICOP Media Pick

Just wanted to post a note – I hopped over to CSICOP’s web site (that would be the Committee for Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal) and saw that they have Triumph of the Straight Dope listed as one of their media picks.

Go Cecil!

Hmmmm. Well, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that there are no replies – I didn’t ask a question or anything. So now I’ll just mumble a bit and move this back to the top so other people see it. I thought it was kinda cool, anyway. :slight_smile:

It is cool, David. And nice to see two of my favorite bits of reading material come together in any way.

Never doubted Cecil was a big cut above the average media fare.


Thanks for the link, Dave. I was reading James Randi the other day and I haven’t had time to go looking for any websites.

It’s amazing to me–some of the shit people believe. [shakes head]

Well, 647, if you’re looking for another link [Warning: Plug Approaching], here’s one for you: – also, if you want a daily dose of skepticism, plus lots of links to stuff to show you all kinds of things you won’t be able to believe, check out

The Amazing Randi is the only person I have ever been goofy enough over to send fan mail. He (gasp) actually wrote me back (both messages were e-mails) and I considered myself retty darn cool there for a while.

Imagine my shock and disappointment when no one except my sister had heard of him :frowning:

Yeah, Randi isn’t as big a name anymore. He used to appear on Johnny Carson with some regularity (he broke his story of debunking Peter Popoff there; he earlier helped Carson make a fool of Uri Geller as well). But he’s still fairly well-known – in the right circles. :slight_smile:

David B–I remember seeing the footage of Geller on the Tonight Show years ago; it was great. Geller complaining about “bad vibes” or something like that because he couldn’t couldn’t come through on any of his tricks. What BS.

Yup. It was actually warm water that caused his downfall, not bad vibes. :slight_smile:

For those of you reading this going “Huh?” – Geller was supposed to use his great psychic powers to tell Carson which small metal containers held water. He told Carson to use cold water. Randi told him to use warm water. Why? Because if he had used cold water, there would have been condensation on the outside, showing Geller which ones held the water. With warm water, though, no condensation, and utter failure for Geller on national TV.