Trivia anyone?

  1. You should be shot for this (or I should get a gold google-fu star)

Jay and Silent Bob Strike back I had to stare at this one, and I thought I was right on initial thinkage…

Ben is Ben Affleck as Holden McNeil and

Mr. Paul Blake played Greedo in Star Wars IV and did NOT shoot first.


Nate and Hayes

#4: is it The Winter Olympics?

#7 is solved.

#10 is solved…very nice!

No…but you’re on the right track with the object you’re thinking of.

#4 and #6 are the only ones left.

Let’s try #4 again. It’s a SWAG, but here goes:

How The Grinch Stole Christmas?

Nope. You were warmer with the Olympics guess. If you figure out the name of the plant, and go with your Olympics hunch on the other thing, you’ll get it with a quick Google.

Holy horticulture, Batman! Could it be:

Bearded Irises?

No - but it’s in that family. The word ‘sword’ is central to the name of this particular genus.

Think “Maximus”

Ok, so it’s a sword lily aka Gladiolus

The sled and Daniel are throwing me off, unless it’s Daniel “Dan” Carter Beard you are talking about…

Not Beard.

You’re on it now if you figure out the sled. A google search for the name of the plant and the name of the sled gives you the answer on the first result.

and when I google gladiolus sled daniel this thread is the first result :slight_smile:

So the key would be figuring out what kind of sled to search for. There are clues in other guesses above.

Last try, cuz my puzzler is sore

The Iditarod?

You almost had it with your Winter Olympics guess. There’s a type of sled used there in a dangerous (recently deadly) event.

ugh…this is killing me;
Gladiolous is also a bone in the sternum
sternum is part of the skeleton, which is also a type of sled;

I’m going to say the answer is “the sternum”,

but I don’t know how daniel or the circulatory system fits in [/spoiler]


National Spelling Bee Champions and their winning words?


#4 is solved.