Trivia Challenge: Famous septets

Septet K


I wish to slightly modify my answer:

Replace aluminum pan with tin pan, and those are the 7 metals of antiquity

Harry Potter

Septet L
Egyptian Condom
Good Fortune
Gun Cartridge
Isolated Dictator
Mouth Organ
Nonsense Notions
Striking Quartz


Bang! Abandoning flesh orgy = Hanging Gardens of Babylon
Do my gaps petrify? = Pyramids of Egypt
Fat lips meet more = Temple of Artemis
Host chooses for duels = Colossus of Rhodes
Oh alas! Cult amasses uranium = Mausoleum at Halicarnassus
Palest outfit amazes you = Statue of Zeus at Olympia
Pros dare a final hoax = Pharos of Alexandria
Seven wonders of the ancient world

Curses! I had been trying a few of those but obviously not with the exact words & combos necessary. :mad: Well done. :smack: :cool:


Yeah, I’m still workin’ on 'em.

Here is one avenue I am exploring for
Septet L

According to a web search, the best Egyptian condom is “ChaCha”. A gun cartridge is a “round”. Both of those are kinds of dances. But I don’t know what kind of group would comprise 7 dances…

And as for
Septet I

Given the hint, it is suspicious that all the clues are two-word proper nouns. It is reasonable to assume that the words are also two-word phrases or proper nouns. However, I have not found an adequate 2-word and/or proper noun dictionary.

These are driving me crazy. Also, I am trying to work up another Septet for y’all to work on :slight_smile: !

Definitely on the wrong track with L, Karen. I guess if I were to give a hint, it would be: Alias

I’m also trying Septet K with no luck.

Septet I was really too hard. Here’s a hint: There is a seven-letter word, starting and ending with ‘S’, such that if I type it into Google Search:

“Seven S*****s”
the elements of Septet I are the fourth such set to appear, by Google’s rankings.

Rather than post a bigger hint, I’ll post a bigger puzzle: What are the other septets that show up in Google when I type

“Seven S*****s”

Hint: one of these other “S*****s” septets is seven institutions, one of which is an anagram of Look, money hut!

Septet H was not fully solved; what is the “famous septet” called?
Here’s a Hint for that: Also “Seven Ss", though a different Ss” than for Septet I.

For septet L I think it matters that both words in each item are capitalized, but I don’t know how it matters. Also:

I thought Isolated Dictator could be ‘Napoleon’ - because they sent him to an Island (=Isola) and then to another. For Gun Cartridge, I thought Shell instead of round.

Hope it helps.

Yeah, I’ve looked through the lists of the Seven S*****s (and thanks for spoiling the puzzle I was trying to cook up!) and the fourth in ranking I find is

seven oil companies, one of which is Shell (thanks, Švejk!), which is Septet L, not I! You guys are confusing me!

But now I am off to the theatre, I’ll work on them again tonight.

PS, This is fun! :smiley:

You are very very warm on the first one (in fact, the answer is “Napoleon [blank]”, and in the general ballpark for the second–definitely in the right direction.

See Post #23

Do others “Show Spoiler”? I click there every chance I get! Still, my response to Karen gives away information so I may as well protect it.

Google’s “Seven S*****s” presentation for #1, #2, #5 are all the same septet (the only one I’d never heard of), and Septet I is listed #6. (#3, #4, and #1-2-5 are thus the “three other septets”.)

My “K” was a typo; I was trying to speak of Septet L for which perhaps …

Egyptian condom = Ramses; Mouth organ = harmonica = harmony

… but I can’t figure anything out.

I think your Google works differently than my Google…

Ah, but also:

Mouth organ = pan pipe ==> Pan, who is also a god of some kind.

(I have some time before I head off to the theatre.)

PS, I click on all the spoilers, too.

Yes, “Mouth Organ” = Harmonica.

That’s 1.5 of 7 solved (then, you need to find the connections)

Septet M:
A flame sitting girl.
Brokers a jumping spy.
Herewith, I limit a solo urn, nil oil.
How is Olive Flywheel?
Mangrove triggers a nit.
Refresh oily sky porno
Snarl, a framer grins my mum.

I hope I haven’t accidentally duplicated someone else’s.

Google does vary its results almost unpredictably (which I find annoying). In this case, I don’t think it’s cookies or other Google secrets, but just geographical switching based on ISP. I got same results with another machine, BUT a very different list when I accessed Google search through an anonymizing proxy server! In that search the septet I think I spoiled for you was #1, the one with a possible word from “Septet L” was #2, my “septet I” was #3, and the #1-2-5 septet Google is so proud of for my region (though I’d never heard of it) didn’t even make the Top 10.

Yes, I suppose I should be able to figure out what country you live in, if you keep posting Google search ranks! There is no privacy anymore, get over it. :eek:

Seven highest cities in the world, I think? Not sure what septet they fill.

ETA: D’oh, somebody already got it.